Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Update

I am up here (NICU). I have just 15 minutes before I have to go pump and get back for Luke's cares at 10:00 pm. I just was holding Max for about an hour and a half. Time just flies by when I do that. They are just so sweet!

Update as of the last time I posted...

Max - he is tolerating his feeds very well. 100% on breast milk again - Praise God!! The last time the doctor checked him, his PDA sounded very soft... which is awesome! Thanks for the prayers, I strongly believe they are working. Also, he is up to 3 lbs 3 oz. Going up and down a little everyday but making a steady increase overall, which is ideal. Got to give him a bath on Tuesday night. So great! Uncle Josh had pictures on his camera that I need to get to post. Getting cuter by the minute and will need a haircut by the time we leave! :)

Luke - he is also tolerating his feeds and is still on breast milk. He is now 2 lbs 6 oz. I am so happy that he is getting bigger!! AND... the doctor said that Luke's PDA might have closed. He hasn't heard it for a while. Whooo hooo... once again, the power of prayer is awesome! I got to give him a sponge bath on Tuesday and he is now wearing clothes. SO, so cute! My little baby! I hold him and know that someday I will be miss him being so sweet and little. He won't always be sweet or little... haha! Oh, and he will need a haircut too soon!

Things to pray for - (some people have asked for prayer specifics...) Both boys had their first eye exams yesterday. The results I heard were that Max's eyes look normal at this time. Luke's results were that his eyes look premature. The nurse said that could be due to his size. Please pray that both boys' retina attach properly and they won't have any problems with their overall eye/sight development. It is one of the most common hurdles with preemies... long term sight problems. Also, I am going to need to find a place to stay to be here more permanently with the boys, at least for the last month. Just be praying that the boarding rooms can continue to be an option because its so nice to be right here. So many people have so kindly offered me to stay at their places, but it is just hard when I am coming and going so often, up in the night pumping and washing bottles, crying and breaking down at random times (ha!) and just needing time to myself. I think I might look into some options tomorrow and talk to the social worker. She might even be able to tell me that the boarding rooms could be an option all the way through... we'll see! Other than that I guess just praise God for what he already has done!

Ok... 15 minutes up and I'm off...

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