Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And I was doing so good...

Ah man! I really thought I was going to start being better at this! But the reality is I have started a post about ten times and have never been able to finish it. I will just be a monthly poster, I guess!

So a little about Jack and then I'm hoping to post about the boys' birthday bash soon.

Jack had his two month appointment a week and a half ago and he weighed in at 11 lbs 15.6 oz... seriously, they don't round it up to 12 lbs! But I will say he was 12 lbs! He as also 24" long. He was between the 25th to 50th percentile for weight and the 85th for height! Long boy.

In all other news he is doing really well, sleeping good, and starting to get beyond his fussy stage. The only gripe I have about him is that he HATES his carseat and that is hard for me because my boys LOVED their carseats! I could always guarantee they would sleep if I put them in there and Jack decides he's perfectly happy as long as he's as far away from his carseat as possible!

This is how we go to Walmart, as many of you have asked and been curious about. We use those HUGE carts made for women with daycares or lots of little ones, the ones that people run over people in because you can't see ANYTHING until you are well into the next isle! So.. I apologize if I run into you in advance! I will usually be in too much of a hurry with a crying infant to say sorry... no I hope not! 

I can say that I am managing everyday better and better with three! Feels good to get to this point and I think it's only God's grace that is carrying me through. Because I have many moments where I am about to lose it! Crazy the amount of patience it takes to take two little boys to the bathroom a million times a day as their baby brother is screaming but it has been getting better and we are all adjusting! And yes, we are working on potty training, but we aren't getting real far, so pray for a miracle... that something will click for these boys! We have great days and horrible days so it's so hard to judge. Days where they will be totally dry and then days where they poop and pee in their pull up and say they want to wear diapers! 

These little boys really LOVE their little brother!

Little Jack Man at bath time! Starting to become a little chunk!

Max going pee OUTSIDE! A new obsession!

Sleeping so sweetly with Daddy!

Jack playing with his best buddy Ryan. He lives in North Dakota and came home to visit! (Big Johnny's little brother!)

Jack smirking at his daddy the day we dedicated him at church!

The many faces of Jack!
He's started to smile and it's so fun!

He loves my hair! Which is a big thing to me because the boys hate/hated it! Because of them being preemies it was overstimulating when they were little if it tickled them or the sent was too strong for them... so now it seems weird to have a baby that is comforted by it!

Jack's hair after his bath! It gets really curly and then Caleb put it in a mohawk!

Max reading a book to Jack, he told me I needed to take a picture of them together! :)

Cousin Sammie and Jack, he loves her!

Little naked man!

So before I have to run... I need to write down some of the stuff my boys have been saying lately so I will remember. They have been so sweet! I have had some stuff on facebook too so it might be a repeat for some, but they have just been little sponges lately and I'm loving all they are saying!

So I'm sitting on the couch with Jack last night and overheard this conversation between Caleb and the boys upstairs as he was putting them to bed... Max: "My butt is burny and ouchy Daddy. I need sap (salve)." 
Caleb: "Well lets pray for your ouchy bottom." (In an attempt to keep the bedtime routine rolling and bypassing excuses to get out of bed).
Luke: "I'll pray Dad! Jesus, heal Max's BUTT! Help him feel better."
Ha! It was too cute the way Luke piped up and just prayed for his brother's butt! 

Another conversation the other day with Max in the morning as he was watching Dad out the window leaving for work.
Max: "Momma, I'm going to work when I get big."
Me: "Well I'm going to miss you. I like hanging out with you everyday."
Max: "I get big, I go to work, I come home and give you kisses!"

And lastly, Luke was walking out the door to go with my dad the other day and he blew me a kiss and yelled... "Take care of Jack, mom!" 

These are all just little things, just life with little ones, but their little spirits are so sweet and they are really starting to become little boys and are so far from babies anymore. It's just fun now to dream about what little Jack will do and say as he grows! I'm thankful for the new perspective this time around with him!