Monday, January 21, 2013


As I write this our wind chill is around -20 and it doesn't look much better until the weekend... brrrrrr! We are happily hunkering down inside... working on endless projects awaiting this baby's arrival! Caleb is doing some trim downstairs and I've been organizing baby clothes and sorting things along with rearranging,what feels like, EVERY room in our house! We are in the process of moving the boys out of the nursery, into a new room down the hall (that was the guest room). They will be transitioning into "big boy" beds once in there! Then I am redoing the nursery and we have been working to finish the basement so we still have a guest room and an additional living space/toy room! So far so good! We've been getting lots done daily!

Taking some time to play in the snow!
Going down double!
We had a great time with both of our families celebrating Christmas! We had my family at our house for Christmas Eve dinner and then spent the following day opening presents and hanging out!
Waiting for the feast!
I'm really bummed that this is sideways but I can't fix it! It's my "new" dinning room! Since we now have the toys downstairs I got my dinning room back and a new table that we got SUPER cheap from Slumberland! I love it in the room, which is a relief because we never even saw it in person! Just ordered it from the pic in the flyer!
Nana reading books!
The boys' tree they were so proud of!
This little boy wore this hat for three days straight! Then I  hid it! :)

Christmas shopping in Menards... I lost these two elves for a minute!
The boys in their Christmas outfits from Nana!
Hanging out and reading at the Yoder Christmas!
Modeling their new gloves, jammies and hats they got for Christmas!
Playing some play dough with Uncle!
Hmmm... do they look guilty to you? Well, they are! Cousins riding on a skateboard sneaking Christmas candies by the handful!
Playing with a new Christmas toy! A train set!! 
We went to a water park in Eau Claire for Caleb's birthday.  The boys loved it!!
 We went to Duluth a couple weeks after Christmas to get Luke checked by an allergist. It just pretty much confirmed his lactose intolerance but it was good to learn more and help alleviate some of his discomfort! Feel like I could write a book about all of this... so I'll just move on to the next picture! :)

The "boys" were at it again for Caleb's birthday this year! They haven't done the plunge for a few years and Caleb declared it as a must this year since he was turning 29... forever young? And dumb? Ha!
He jumped in and out so fast I couldn't even get an action shot! Just IN and OUT!
Our basement project! It's almost done! We had carpet installed this last week and now it's just trim and the finishing touches!
The new guest room!
Getting some furniture moved in!
As you can imagine there is a lot of construction being witnessed around here... and then interpreted by our boys... Cracks me up when they come up with these types of combos all by themselves!

The boys had a biannual physical the other week and their stats looked great! Max was 28.5 lbs and 35" tall and Luke was 27.8 lbs and 34.5" tall! Dr. Hyser was also beyond pleased with their communication and problem solving skills! It was great to have such a positive check up! The boys have also remained very healthy so far this winter. Really praying it stays that way the rest of the season... especially with a new little one joining us soon!

SO about that baby... we have some updating to do! Last Friday, well two Fridays ago I guess (the 11th) I woke up and was feeling some tightness in my belly. As I was in the shower I got about eight Braxton Hicks type contractions... tightness in my belly but no pain. I had a doctor appointment that day but called in anyway and talked to a nurse in the OB who told me to come in...really because of my history! It was just too surreal... I was in the same room, with the same nurse as I was when I went in with the boys. As she hooked me up to be monitored it was the same question... Are you feeling anything in your stomach right now? Me... No? And the nurse said the dreaded same words... Well you're having a pretty good contraction right now. Ugh.. my heart sunk and I just kept thinking... this is not happening again, this IS NOT happening AGAIN! My doctor came over to the hospital and checked me and I was so surprised when she said my cervix was completely closed and thick! I immediately said... Praise the Lord! And my doc and the nurse said... Amen! Ha!

They monitored me for about 3 hours and after seeing no cervical change in that time they sent me home... with a peace actually. It's hard, because if I was "normal" meaning never have had twins at an extremely early gestation, this would be routine... no biggie! But given my history it makes us all a little panic stricken! Since my hospital visit I've been getting about 6 contractions a day, but nothing painful. Just Braxton Hicks I'm guessing! So please say a prayer for this little boy... that he stays put! I would love a 42 week 10 lb-er! Ha! And I know in the next 8 weeks I will be more and more uncomfortable, but NOTHING... no discomfort is bad enough for me to want this baby to come any earlier than 40 weeks! Everyday IN is making him healthier and stronger! I'm so thankful that God has given me a peace to feel that the baby is in his hands and will be just fine! I feel like I was given a second chance this time by being sent home. Last time was all too similar, but the outcome so far is way different! I'm just doing whatever I can to make this little guy feel no rush to come out!

This was taken the morning I went in to the hospital... 30 weeks 5 days... my first thought was hurry up and take a last picture!
I have a confession... just took this picture today... and I'm actually 32 weeks 2 days! 
How far along? 32 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs! Ooops! Let's just say I've enjoyed eating this pregnancy!
Maternity clothes? Yup ... but still mixing it up!
Stretch marks? Well I have found four little ones so far! They are just kind of extra stretching from my old ones... like extension marks! :) Oh and when I was in the hospital at 30 weeks 5 days I measured at just about 33 weeks. So my whole measuring huge tendency is starting to level out I guess!
Sleep: It's still difficult with this whole hands/arms going numb thing. But we did buy a recliner on sale at Menards the other week... and that is kind of my new best friend!
Best moment this week: I think I have to get rid of this question... since I only update every 4-5 weeks... it's hard to pick! But THIS week... getting things done and ready for the baby! Caleb was saying to me the other day that it sounds so nice to think that we can have a little room all ready with the baby's new clothes and things. I agree! Sounds much more fun than doing construction while he sleeps in the living room... like his brothers did! :)
Movement: Starting to get more exaggerated! Lots of pushes and noticeable punches and kick from the outside. Along with rolling where my whole belly shifts!
Cravings: Still into HOT stuff and bacon and BLACK PEPPER! I can't seem to get enough spice! I went out to lunch with a friend the other day and actually unscrewed the top of the black pepper so I could get some extra out! :)
Gender: BOY!!!!
Labor Signs: Well you now know that story...
Belly Button in or out? I honestly would call it an inny-outy! Depends on my position and baby's. Mostly out though. 
What I miss: Hmmmm... the big thing that has bothered me lately is snuggling my boys! I miss holding them real close and putting them on my lap. Just running out of room!
What I am looking forward to: Continuing to get ready for baby! Organization... what can I say.. I'm as Type A as they come! Unfortunately, Type A with two boys that are two... looks more like procrastination... it's just not by choice! Ha!