Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

I haven't posted for awhile because my life has seemed like a whirlwind lately. We just had some amazing help leave and I am now pumping and decided to post quick. I am very excited that we had some friends and family come over to help us get things ready for the boys to come home. Yes I said the boys are coming home!!! (and we are sooo not ready, but that is besides the point)

Ok, let me back up a bit...

On Monday I walked into the unit and found my little man Max in a crib! The nurse then told me he took his last four feedings completely by bottle. By that time my head was spinning and all I heard was the doctor talking to me and saying something about car seats... I better get car seats, they are coming home soon! We actually just went last night in Duluth and purchased a crib, changing table, two car seats, double stroller and lots of other odds and ends. It was a little tricky finding the travel set we needed for car seats because of how small the boys are but we found one that will work!

Both of the boys are doing so well! Luke is coming from behind and is out doing his brother in feedings. He has been nursing like a champ! It makes me feel so proud and excited when they are nursing because it is something that I thought I never could do when they were born so early! Max is doing well too, but he just gets tired quicker when he nurses. He also has his own nursing technique. Instead of suck, swallow, breath... he prefers... suck, swallow, sleep! He has these little choking episodes where I have to sit him up, burp him, and usually he still forgets to breath and will have a spell and even turn blue enough to make me panic a little. They tell me he will grow out of it... hopefully soon!

Luke is on his way to a crib also. He is now 3 lbs 13 oz and hopefully will get enough meat on his bones soon to keep himself warm. Max is now up to 5 lbs 6.5 oz and looks so chubby! Really... he's chubby! One my favorite nurses nicknamed him Buddha, because of his belly and then Luke is Lizard... because of his crazy tongue must help him be such a good eater all of a sudden!

They both are so sweet though and I am falling in love with them more and more everyday. I am nervous, of course, to take these little men home. The long car ride, the fact that they will have monitors, just knowing how different they are then just a full term infant. I know though, God does not give us a spirit of fear and I will just pray that he will give us the grace and wisdom to overcome all of these big and little obstacles. It really is amazing what prayer can do! I was just thinking the other day that I never reported that both of the boys' valves have closed! Praise God!!!

The temporary nursery. Next to our room now. They will move to the other nursery as soon as our master room is finished. Too far away now! This is what it looked like Tuesday...

Now it looks like this! Starting to put things together! Mr. Nate Yoder put that changing table together for the record... in case it falls apart! ha!

Dad putting the crib together!

The "real" nursery as of Tuesday...

Real nursery after Candy and Patti panted it tonight!

My nursery theme. Tree Top animals...
Still need to wash some of the bedding. So nice that Dawn and Amber came to help me get all of the clothes washed and organized... things cleaned, etc...

My sweet little men.

Luke --- Max

Max saying... "Watch out Luke, I'm number one!!"

Poor Luke just ate and was so sleepy.

Max in his big boy crib.

Now... the race is on to get ready. Not sure what day they are coming home for sure yet or if they will be coming home together, but this weekend will tell a lot!


  1. Wow. They have come so far so fast- it's amazing. Your family is an example of God answering prayers and His miracles he provides us.

  2. Praise God! He is so good to those who trust in him! So excited for you and Caleb to finally have your little men at home! I can't wait for my little man to join them in this big world. Praying for you guys this weekend and the big change that's about to happen! You are going to be great Ash! If you need any help you know who to call! I'm going to need as much practice as I can get before this little guy comes. :) Love you Yoder Family!!


  3. So excited to hear that they are doing so well...and on the road to getting home!!! I will keep you all in my prayers for safe travel and for those little guys to keep doing well!!


  4. Hey Ash that's so cool that they are so close to being's amazing what prayer can do!! We've been praying for you....evgen Aubrey. :):) Hang in there!! Anita