Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lots of New News

So I have a lot to update from the last couple of days... so here it goes. We got all of Luke's test results back and his ultrasound looked normal. The doctor did give him a diuretic to try to flush out any extra fluids he was carrying and it seemed to work miracles. The doctor said it would help to extract any and all of his extra fluids, even from around his liver, lungs and other organs. It not only did that but it somehow also triggered him to poop and he had six poops throughout the day! Overall, it worked wonders for his little body and he has been more comfortable and his tummy has looked better ever since. I just think praying for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Luke was answered. Praise God!

We had a care conference with the doctor and other NICU personnel this morning and it went really well. It is amazing how far we have came since our last conference at two weeks! The doctor said that Max should be ready to go home in two to two and a half weeks! Seems surreal! All we need to master at this point is oral feedings. He has done really well with nursing (when he will wake up enough) and they are going to start introducing a bottle in the next few days. They also are going to get him to a crib very soon! The doctor said he is doing well overall and we are just on our way to following the normal discharge schedule.

Luke is right behind Max, only a few steps behind. Since he has had some problems with his feedings he is smaller, which prolongs him from moving forward into a crib, etc. BUT... it does not stop him from bottling and breastfeeding now. Thankfully the doctor gave me the go-ahead with Luke also to start really nursing (no need to pump prior). They are fairly certain Luke's troubles were not caused by breast milk AND... I am so, so excited to report that Luke nursed amazingly well this morning and yesterday. He does so good, almost better than Max and I think it is because he is much more alert and active compared to Max. Sometimes Max can just be such a big lug, and so hard to wake up! haha

I am still in shock in some ways. To really think that the time to bring them home has arrived. It is so surreal. (I know I already said that)! More than anything it is so strange to be able to really prepare for them to be here, with us, all the time. I never really let myself think that way because I would get very emotional with doubt that it might never happen, so emotionally speaking, I am still adjusting to this reality. I am thrilled though, really filled with joy and overflowing. But, terrified at the same time. We are not sure yet if they will come home on monitors or not, but we will see what the next few weeks look like. And I am more than anything looking forward to some quite bonding time with my little men at home!

Dr. Muskovitz did start to brief us on the routine and precautions of bringing home these babies. It is a bit overwhelming. I have a print out they gave me that I should copy down on here to share... but it is too long to do now. He just said that we need to be prepared to protect our children. He said, yes, we know they will get a cold someday, but the longer we can prolong that from happening the better. Their immune systems for the first year will be extremely sensitive along with their sensory systems so we will just need to be careful. He also mentioned they will get RSV shots for the first year; a nurse will visit our house every month to administer the shots. It was funny, he said that we could be very selective about where and when to bring our babies out, but he said be prepared to yell at the old people that go to pinch their cheeks... "Don't touch my premature baby!" Hahaha! People will think I am a crazy woman. I am praying about the whole transition home. Can't believe we are getting to that point!

Now, we just need to get prepared. Still need a crib, car seats, ect.... oh, and some organization! :) Caleb is working on the baby room as we speak. AND our only working shower has tile falling off the wall, as of the other day. The baby room took priority however, and there is duct tape covering holes of the shower walls. No joke! So funny!

Ready or not... here we come... Love, Luke & Max :)


  1. Whaa Whooo!!! So excited for you guys! That's awesome! Praise God!!!!

  2. sooo exciting!!! You'll adjust perfectly with the boys at home, just give yourself some space and time to relax into your environment.

    You know Lacey was born in October and I was freaked out of her getting sick since it was right at the beginning of flu season. Now, she wasn't a preemie, but I found it to be VERY easy to keep her "germ free" obviously people always washed or used sanitizer before handling her, but really keeping her in her carseat when we were out and about seemed to make a lot of difference, she was in her own little, sterile, world. Plus, no daycare, that makes a big difference too! She got her first cold the next June (of all months?) when she was 8 months. Haha.

    The RSV thing seems like a great precaution. My kids have never had it, but I have tons of friends whose have.

  3. SO EXCITING! I am so happy this time is finally here! And also so happy with the great report on Luke!!

  4. Yay!!! I'm sooooo happy for you guys! This news makes my day!

  5. So happy to hear the great news!

  6. That is so exciting!!! I'm so happy for you and I do understand the scary thoughts that come with bringing them home. Jesse had 3 RSV shots, which was good; I'm glad they are going to do it for a year since they started out so small!! Thanks for the update!!