Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gibber Gabber!

We have been hearing lots of gibber gabber around our house lately and I just love it! Most of the words the boys say are still pretty difficult to understand, but most of it I can make out. And my favorite is their little language between each other. At times they get so intense about their conversations that it ends in a brawl, but most of the time they figure it out! You should see them right now!! I just got done wiping down all my kitchen cabinets and they were both busy throwing away all their toys in the garbage... their favorite new thing is throwing things away. Sometimes it's helpful, like when they throw their diapers away, but mostly they are throwing things away that aren't garbage! My favorite was when I asked Max to throw his diaper away. He did, and then he came back to me... very casually gnawing on an old chicken wing!?!?! Yuck! Hahaa! Back to what they are doing now... I gave them each a paper towel and asked them to help me clean to keep them busy... and now, about 15 minutes later they are still cleaning! Wiping down everything from the floor to the stove to the couch... with a paper towel! So cute! Well, and really, so helpful! :)

So... about this gibber gabber. I have tried so hard to pay better attention lately so that I can get a list of things they are saying down. Once again, I love using my blog as a sort of "baby book" for them, but without any fill-in-the-blanks or other promptings, it's difficult to think of things to post for them. So... if you have any great ideas, email them to me! And I'll update things with your requests! ( So words so far (and this list is for both of them, but Max is saying more in general) : baby, mama, dada, papa,nana, grama, ball, dog, tons of animal sounds... my favorite is monkey, bottle, more, please (sometimes), thank you (when prompted), auntie, Max tries his hardest to say Trevon, up, down, HI, bye, hot, they both just started to say blueberry... so cute! Can't think of any more now, but they also are starting to repeat things. If we ask them to say just about anything they will try! This morning Caleb made them say sausage before he'd give them a bite. SO funny... they sure tried!

Other new things are hard... because I can't think of many right now. But both of them LOVE looking at books and having us read to them. Luke finds books and crawls up onto the rocking chair by himself and will look at books for hours! And Luke also is mastering walking down the stairs like a "big boy" using the railing! And the best new news of all... they are healthy again! Having both of them with the flu was rough! They would both puke at the same time and at moments I would just look at them in desperation. I didn't know what to do!!?! But we made it!

I also saw a specialist up in Duluth the other week who went over some of my risks if we were to get pregnant again and she also outlined our chances of twins again. It was a very informative and interesting visit. I will post about it soon!

Also, remember the books I said I was reading?! This one... Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches has been so good and such an encouragement. I just love the way the author continually reminds us as mothers to make sure to keep our own spirit and sin in check before we deal with our children's. Along with her perspective on LOVING the little years! It's so fun to read. I feel like it always hits me right where I need it! I'll have to try to save a good quote when I read it next! It is my bathtime book... so I don't get to read it as often as I like. That is really the only time I seem to find to read!

The boys were talking to Dada today while he was working in the basement... our newest remodel project! So cute, they kept passing toys down to him under the gate in hopes he'd play back!

Caleb and I found a moment of weakness last night and gave the boys each a piece of Valentine chocolate... needless to say... they like chocolate!

Twins galore! Below is a picture of my boys with my cousin's girls!

Just the ham, being a ham!