Tuesday, June 26, 2012

About Time!

So I was thinking that it was about time I updated again. Summer has been great so far! Busy and full, but great! The apartments are still throwing challenges at us daily but we have been doing ok at keeping up with things the best we can. I have started a website but still need to get pictures up of the actual buildings. Hopefully soon. Check it out if you are... well bored I guess. Or looking for a place to rent! :)  www.westwoodapartmentswi.com

This was how we occupied the boys the other day when I was painting in one of the apartments and Caleb was working in the garage there! It worked wonders, but had some repercussions! They were a mess!!
We went to the playground the other night with our buddy Johnny. It was actually on Father's Day! Mike (John's dad) was golfing and Caleb was out fishing so Dawn and the boys and I played! So cute to see them ALL holding hands! 

Since Luke has been tiny he has been highly sensitive to any sensory stimulation... grass for instance has always drove him crazy... and still does! He was trying to pull his shorts down while sitting on the grass the other night! And Max was pointing out his boo-boos!
Caleb bought this jet ski the other day... supposedly got it super cheap and is planning to sell it for some cash! But I think he has big plans to use it in the mean time! :)

Max wasn't a huge fan!

Watching the Musky Fest Parade on Sunday!
So in our little town of Hayward we have Musky Fest! Yes, it is a typical local festival. We have vendors that line the streets, a carnival, that great "traveling" food, and a parade! There is nothing super special about it, but I love it! Walking downtown on Sunday to the parade was so cool... everyone was downtown... like EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE to watch this little dinky parade and it just felt so... homey! I like our small town and our small town ways. I like that people all gather on main street to watch the marching band and stand as the American flag goes by! It's just a great feeling to experience these things with my boys! And let me tell you ... they LOVED the parade! They were stuffing their mouths with candy, in awe of the big trucks and full of waves for all the pretty queens and princesses!

Papa and the boys on a tractor ride!
Mr. Fix-It... aka Luke! He cracks me up with his little drill and he walks around to all the joints on my stools, chairs and tables pounding away!

And yes, he really gets into it!!
I was telling some of my girlfriends this morning at bible study that last night as we put the boys to bed they both decided THEY wanted to pray instead of Caleb and I praying over them. So as I prayed with Max he repeated every last word of each stanza I said... Dear Jesus... Jesus... Thank you for this day... day... so, so sweet! It melted my heart! I just told Caleb that I feel like they are growing up so fast!

Our bible study has been really exciting for me. We are talking about Paul and studying his life. It is so interesting to me to DIG into scripture and to understand the context and history behind it. It is a first for me in a lot of ways. First time that I have been in a study like this. I have researched some on my own, but never in a g+roup (that + was from Max... he's sitting next to me!). Anyway, it has been really good to be in a group where I can feel comfortable enough to ask some questions to connect some dots and really learn more about the Word! I have really been enjoying it!! AND I got home by about 7:30 this morning from study, was all showered and ready for the day and my boys slept in until 9:00!!!! It was a great morning to get some bookwork done, Caleb's lunch made and laundry put away! Maybe the lesson is I just need to get up at 5:15 every morning... uh, no!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer SPEED

Well "summer speed" is what our life is set on lately. We have been busy, busy! Working, landscaping, updating the apartments, keeping up with the house and having some fun. I feel like I haven't updated in so long. I have been trying to brainstorm about some things that have been going on in our lives lately... I know that when I go back in the years to come I will regret not taking the time now to reflect (while I can still remember things)! 

The boys seem to be getting older by the minute. They are talking more and more and starting to get better at putting words together. It is very funny to me to watch the boys over the past two years, because they continually go back and forth as far as development. As soon as I start to worry that maybe Luke isn't talking as much as Max it will flip and I won't be able to get Max to talk! At the moment, Max is chatting nonstop and Luke seems to save his word bursts for just the right moment. They are just so fun right now!
Getting ready to go on the pontoon! First ride of the summer. They even got to fish a little :)
Aunt Kathy came to visit with Great Grama a couple weeks ago. So fun to see them! Aunt Kathy got the boys the cutest birthday present... a tent and two camp chairs! The boys just love them! We have the tent set up in the playroom and I find them, daily, gibber gabbering in there together. They also drag their chairs all over the house and just perch in them with a book. So sweet! The only bad part is that they find everything they can to put in the tent! The other day I found some of my kitchen towels and some socks and even a pair of Caleb's shoes in there! Ha!
Playing peek-a-boo!

BIG little hugs!
We went to visit Nana at work the other day and the boys were so drawn to all the jewels.  Before we knew it they were dressed in sparkles. What can I say, their dad would be so proud?!
Max in one of the camp chairs! They got summer buzz cuts the other night! They are just starting to look so big!
Riding the horse together at Famous Dave's tonight...
Caleb, the boys, and I went out for dinner tonight. It was so nice, and super unexpected. Caleb came home from work at a decent time and said he wanted to go out for dinner... somewhere with air conditioning! At one point I looked at him and said... "can you believe that we are enjoying conversation with each other while our boys are quietly occupied?" It was so unbelievable to me! They are just starting to hit that age where crayons, some paper and a few books can do wonders! It really felt like a night out... and was so enjoyable to spend time together as a family!

I am looking forward to a weekend spent honoring the fathers in my life. My husband, who over the past two years has blown me away with his natural fathering abilities. He has blossomed into such a great dad. He is intentional, caring, tough when he needs to be and so fun! My boys squeal with excitement when they just hear the sound of his truck coming or THINK he is at the door. When they hear his voice outside they crawl the walls to see him out the window! He will, I know, continue to amaze me and exceed my expectations as he starts to really teach them about life. I am so, so thankful that he is my partner in this parenting adventure!

I also feel so blessed to have the dad that I do. He has and always will be one of the most supportive, consistent, loving, intentional, caring and amazing men I know! My dad is one of the kind of guys that really cares... if he asks how I am doing... he really seems to want to know the answer. He loves me more than I think I even know, and now that I have little ones I feel like I am more thankful for him and his love as I understand it more. I am also so thankful to have such an awesome father-in-law that loves me like one of his own. But most of all I am thankful that I have a heavenly Father, above all else, that loves me... and has put me in this place in life and with these wonderful people!

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where to start...

So I am trying to remember what all has happened since the last time I posted! We had the boys' birthday. We also went camping last weekend. Which was a great getaway! But a little exhausting to camp with two two-year-olds. I need to get some pictures up from the weekend from my sister-in-law. Big eventful news from the camping weekend... we locked the boys in the camper. But no worries... some random camper walked by and saw us in distress and told us about a "trap door" to try and we had Trevon (my nephew) shimmy through to save the day! Always something... we also went go carting, horseback riding, shopping, ice cream eating, and we went to this great kid friendly zoo... it was a blast!

What else... oh yeah, I had a birthday. Not super exciting, but I do have some pictures of the boys to share at least. I am now 26... which seems to mean nothing. Birthdays are weird as you get older... but it is always a great excuse for good food! I guess I'm not old enough to dread them ... yet!
The birthday boys... who are now TWOOOOOOOOOOO!
Helping his brother out!
So sweet!
My boys and I... a picture the night of their birthday... 2011 to 2012!
My sweet boys... Luke and Max.

This one it so great! Love it!
My parents and my brother took me out us out to Famous Dave's for my birthday. After we ate we took the boys down on the dock and there were fish everywhere! The boys thought it was great!

Holding on TIGHT!
Blowing out Mom's candles!
Max with his cheesy grin, as usual. Trying on my new bogs I got from my parents!