Wednesday, September 29, 2010

big, big, bigGER!

Yesterday we had our four month check up (seems crazy since they are technically only 4 weeks old) and the report was good. Max weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz (25th percentile) and 21 1/4" (50th percentile). Luke weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and 19 3/4" (5th percentile). Our doctor is pleased that they were on a percentile at all for being so premature... so we were pleased!! The boys also got their 4 month vaccines. Not fun, but we've dealt with lots worse, so we got over that fast! :)

My mastitis is cleared up for the most part. My overall milk supply has diminished greatly, so if you've missed prayer requests from us... there's one for ya! WE NEED MILK! I'm sure it will come with time and my health getting better, but prayer is more powerful! So... thanks :)

Sweet little Max sleeping with Grama

Little men with daddy

"Hey there brother!"

So... bored!

Yup, my college graduate... Max David Yoder ... in his very sophisticated shirt, oh and sweats :)

How crazy is this, I had to think for a second on who was who in the pic below!

Luke **************** Max

Another day in the life of Luke and Max, highlight... Mom dressing us up! Yay! Can't you SEE the excitement!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nursing is NOT for Sissies!

Sorry for the delay in posts. Mastitis attacked me again! WOW... this whole nursing adventure has sure been quite the ordeal. From pumping for three months, to nursing preemie twins and pumping, then FINALLY on Tuesday getting the final approval to exclusively nurse... what I have been working so hard for... and in the middle of the night I wake up with the worst pain and within hours I am throwing up and wrenching in pain. THIS WON'T STOP ME!!!! For the last three to four days I have been down-and-out sick and my milk supply has diminished to half the amount. The lactation consultants in Duluth didn’t believe me when I called for help, because I am the reigning 'Milk Queen'! Good news is after taking antibiotics and Fenugreek (yes, everyone around me wants pancakes as I smell like maple syrup) I am starting to slowly make more milk and I continue to nurse. Watching me nurse is not pretty… toes curled, biting my shirt and smiling through it all, because I want to nurse them so bad! It is my best chance to keep them healthy through the winter. Giving them the immediate antibodies they need to battle illnesses that are floating around them. My goal… stay as healthy as possible, pump often, and thank God for everyday that I make it through. OUCH!!!

Our four year anniversary was on Thursday. However, it didn’t really feel like much of an anniversary because I was trembling on the couch with a fever and, well, not looking my best. We are planning to just ‘re-celebrate’ next week; hoping to get out maybe for dinner. And just remember for a second what it feels like to be ‘us’ again. Then talk about the boys they whole time and hurry home to see them! Haha!

The boys are doing good! Getting bigger and more responsive. They both enjoy being talked to and really seem to listen. We went to Duluth on Tuesday for Luke’s eye exam and all is clear! PRAISE GOD! We don’t have to go back for another check until June 2011! The doctor did warn us that their eyes will be watched closely as they grow because as preemies they are more susceptible to eye complications, needing glasses, etc. So we will just keep praying that the boys will grow and grow as little ones should!

Grandma Cookie with the boys at her home!

Visiting Great Grandma Clara!

Four Generations...

Grandma and Luke

Aunt Kathy and Luke! :) We had a great visit from Aunt Kathy again. Always so much help!!!

Daddy hanin' with his boys!

Max and Luke!

Luke LOVES his booties that Grandma Cookie made :)

Max and Daddy sleeping

Gotta go... Caleb is making pancakes... and I really think it's because I smell like maple syrup from the herbs I'm taking! haha!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Gayle Gilbertson, a very close family friend, came and surprised me by taking some pictures of the boys the other day! She is an awesome photographer. Here are just a few of my favorites!!!

Max thought that Luke's knee tasted pretty good...

Sweet Max


One of my favorites of Max... he was on my mom's lap and heard me talking so he kicked off of her so that he could peak backwards at me!

Luke and momma's hands...


I love Luke in this one!

Naked tummy time!!!

Me and my boys

Max and me kissin'


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Boys are BACK!

The boys made it back from AK on Thursday. It is so nice to have Caleb home. He really missed his boys. And me... I hope! We had a doctor appointment this morning again and the boys are still gaining steady... Max is 7 lbs 13 oz and Luke is 6 lbs 11 oz. I can't believe that Max is almost 8 pounds. That sounds so big to me! I will post more pics of the boys soon. I just need Grandma Cookie to bring over he camera card! :)

So strange to me that my husband looks like he should be my dad's son and my brother's brother! I promise you , he's not...ha! They all look so much alike!

Monday, September 13, 2010


So many good things happened in the last 24 hours...

- Max had a huge blow out poop that I initiated with sticking a thermometer up his butt. Long story short... Grandma Candy and I laughed hysterically at me and Max covered in poop and Max has felt better ever since!

- The boys slept the longest they have ever in their life last night!!! Around 3 hours... but 4 hours between starting the feedings. Great! Well, a miracle really! haha! However, I was up more than normal checking on them... I couldn't figure out what was wrong! :)

- Max smiled at me today! Might have been a fluke... but I really doubt it! He did it a few times and it was a full, toothless, gum showing, baby grin! Amazing!

- And.... only 3 more days until Caleb gets home! Miss him so much.

Luke.. getting ready for a walk :)


Sleeping like twins... notice the SAME posture, arm over head! haha

Sweet Luke this morning :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A few people have asked me how life is now that the boys are home and if it is what I expected. Honestly... not really. The one myth that I so naively believed is that that babies sleep... ha! I was sure that I would have some free time during the day, maybe even time to kill. I guess it might be different if I only had one baby, because the boys do sleep, just not always at the same time. Our daily schedule is rigorous. With a feeding schedule that revolves every three hours there are few minutes between when the chores are all finished. If a feeding goes well, we are done in about an hour, then if I have to pump that is another 20 minutes, then I have to clean/sanitize bottles and that leaves me usually with about an hour to an hour and a half left (if all goes well.) Shower, do laundry, eat... oh wait, they are asleep... so I sleep quick... never mind someone just spit up, oh no... was that just a fart??? I better check... scream, cry... time to start all over!

We really are getting quite efficient with the whole routine and I am not complaining about that. My biggest struggle is that our schedule is not conducive to phone conversations, getting out... oh, and my long lost love... FREE TIME! If I ever have 15 minutes I use it to go to the bathroom, shower, brush my teeth, or just look in the mirror and say... 'You can do this!'

What I am getting at with all this is the changes in my life are affecting it beyond the everyday schedule. With a 24 hour routine and two demanding babies I feel as though it is inevitable that I am losing connections with people. It is so hard to get back to people, remember to call people back, email... now that I think about it... I have to return calls to insurance and the bank on Monday... remind me! ha! I find myself having more time in the wee-hours of the night. Like now! It is 4:39 am and I am pumping and then will be off to get a quick hour of sleep. I have some time now while I pump, but I am sure that none of my neglected friends would appreciate a phone call at this hour! :) I just pray that when things start to slow down a bit... which I am afraid they never will.. that I will not have lost all of my dear friends, sanity and elasticity in my skin (that's another story!)

Speaking of changes, I must say that even though I gripe and even though I seem to mourn my 'past life' I really love being a mom! I find myself falling more and more in love with it everyday! And that is thanks to two very sweet boys. I am getting so much more back from them lately and it is so fun. Little gazes, or tiny milestones. It keeps me going!!

We had a surprise visit from Uncle John and Aunt Debbie. So nice to see them! Luke with Aunt Debbie... can you believe that it's Luke... look at those cheeks!

Uncle John asking Max if he will be as big as him someday... I hope so! It would be cool if he grew up to be 6'5" and born at 14".


This one cracks me up... Max with a roundhouse punch and Luke saying "Ahh!"



Grandma Cookie and Luke

Grandma Cookie and Luke... again :)

I think my children have pictures of every hour of their life so far!