Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

In about 15 minutes it will officially be the 4th of July! I was planning on being huge and uncomfortably pregnant this year, but what did I know! We were up with the boys last night and part of today. Taking a little time for home and then I will be back up ASAP. I miss them so much when I leave and am away from them. They are just so much more responsive now so it's impossible to leave!

Both boys are doing amazingly well. Both are off of their nasal cannulas, which almost seems surreal. I honestly didn't think that day would come for a long time. It is a trial, meaning any time or day they could have them back on. Without them, though, it means that the boys are able to breath COMPLETELY on their own! I am so proud! They look so cute too because you can see their whole faces! I hope that it stays this way, but I am always prepared for word otherwise.
Max... just his feeding tube in his nose now.

Also other good news... I was able to put the boys to breast (one at a time) the other day. At this point the only purpose is to start the breastfeeding process, beginning with suckling or nuzzling, not really feeding. Both of them did really well. They only 'latched' on for a few seconds and then fell asleep. It was during their feedings, which are still done by tube, so once the food hit their belly they stopped sucking. I'm sure they were thinking.... "mmmm, this feels so soft, warm... smells like mom, mmmm, I feel so comfy.. zzzzzz" At least that is what their little faces looked like! They were so stinking sweet!! Both of them did great, breathing, the whole time without any aid at all. I could have just snuggled for days with them. It will be pretty interesting though when we try it two at a time! Ah!
Luke with his big boy clothes on too! (he no longer has his cannula in either)

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