Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two 2 Year Olds!

So the time has come... time to adjust to the fact that I have two 2 year olds! I am excited really, but I must say it is bittersweet! I don't want to rehash the day they were born, I don't want to really even dwell all that much on where they have come from... I am ready to look at the bright future my little men have! However, this two year mark is HUGE in my mind! Before the boys were ever born one of the neonatologists came to speak with me at my bedside. I had been on bedrest for about three days and it was inevitable at this point that these little boys were not going stay put much longer. I will just never forget her saying that having babies born at this gestation would most likely have a grim outcome. It was clear to me that they would not have the best chances of basic survival and would be guaranteed some type of delay, whether severe or minor and anything from a permanent feeding tube or other serious brain and physical handicaps. As I write this I am overwhelmed and tearful. As I write this both Max and Luke are giggling and squealing at each other up in their beds... where they should be napping! :) I am AMAZED at what God has done so far in these little men's lives!

Just yesterday they were both just blowing me away... just watching them play outside. They are starting to figure out so much! Luke, my hoarder, has now excelled to another level of hoarding! He now uses his armpits to store more toys as he gathers other things and just yesterday he figured out he can stick things between his legs to free his hands to pick up MORE things! And Max, my little cleaner, found a rag outside that was used to clean the high chairs. He proceeded to clean all the grass, weeds, dirt and random other things in the yard and then scolded me when I grabbed the rag that he had drapped so precisely on a chair. He runs up to me and says... "Mama! Dryin'!" Really?! He amazes me that he could put that all together!

They are just at that age where they are starting to become little sponges. They are attempting to say whatever they hear and are both doing much better at putting words together and connecting all those little dots! Wow! I feel like I say that everyday... wow! They are excelling in so many ways. But like most little boys we have many big transitions ahead of us... and I am now confident that we can do it! That they will exceed my expectations and continue to grow and learn!

So I want to share a slideshow I made for the boys. I vowed to make them one every year of their young lives. To showcase their growth over the past year. Today I showed them this video and they both giggled and were captivated to see each other more than themselves. Too sweet! Life has been crazy lately. It's the middle of landscaping season, lots of bookwork and long hours. I also do bookwork for two other businesses and we just purchased two apartment complexes last week. You know, because we just have that much free time?!?! We are prayerful that this new venture can be a blessing and we can also, as landlords, use this as an opportunity to reach more people and share the Gospel. But right now this transition of busy work is difficult with two 2 year olds! I was up into the wee hours of the morning drafting rental agreements and making lists and other things. But I did finish their slideshow and hope to stay on top of those things. Because in ten years I won't regret being late on a piece of paper work, but I'm sure I will regret not taking the time to document how my boys are growing! If I don't... they will be 16 before I know it!!

Dear Lukey,
You are such a stubborn, focused, determined little fighter. You like things your way and are the most particular little two year old that I have ever met! You remind my so much of Daddy everyday, and that makes me love you both more than I ever thought possible. It is so fun to watch you problem solve as you are determined to make things work and patient enough to see it through. I hope that spirit will stick with you as you grow and will pay off as you someday have a family, job, passions, hobbies, and most importantly as you follow Christ with hopefully that strong determination! You are also sweet, caring, and soft spirited which makes you such a joy! You love your mama, but you LOVE your daddy! He is the light of your life right now. However, when you are sick, and when you are tired, you remember Mama. You are quick to forgive, quick to hug and (usually) quick to share. I don't want to imagine life without your inconsistent but super special kisses and your very consistent and genuine loving glances you share with me. I love you more than words can say and pray that God will continue to bless you with many more healthy, happy years in your little life!
I will love you forever,

Dear Maxer,
You keep me on my toes, little man. In the last few months you have changed on me! You went from being pushed around and bullied by your brother to now carrying quite a large stick! You are always ready to share and always more than ready to hug and kiss anyone who is willing. You have a strong will and a very high interest in seeing things your way, but then again, you are two. You always make me smile and laugh at your silly and over dramatic expressions. I see myself in you and even though it scares me, it also makes me feel as though I can identify with your little emotions. You are loving, quick to forgive, eager to please, eager to communicate, easily excitable and easily angered. You can't wait to see Daddy when he gets home and you love to snuggle with Mama at just about any time of the day. You are a social butterfly and are quick to make friends. I hope many and all of your qualities that are flourishing continue to grow with you. I hope God uses you to touch others lives as you are living your life. In this next year I pray that God will keep you healthy and growing big and strong too! I love you so much little man!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have a dilemma... I got a new iPhone... not my dilemma. (Really exciting! It was/is my Mother's Day/Birthday present). But my camera pooped out on me and that is now my problem. I have been using my phone to take pictures but I am still trying to figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer! So we will see how this goes for a while!

Trying out their hats before the party! Aren't they great!?! Found them at a garage sale!
We have lots to catch up on! My boys are ALMOST two. They don't turn two until Monday, and I refuse to adjust to the thought of having two two year olds until then! :) We did do their birthday party on Friday night and we had a blast! We also went to Wilderness Walk on Friday morning with a few buddies to start the celebrations early. We had a great (busy) day! 

Now on to the party pictures!! My sister-in-law, Angie, came over to help me decorate the cake. It was so fun to do! Turned out great! I got these CAT trucks from Walmart in a five-pack and they worked perfect for it! Then I just made some signs on the computer and went to town! My other sister-in-law Rachael went to Wilderness Walk with us and helped me with the boys and helped me with the decorating! So nice to have family to help! Much appreciated!!

SO fun to make!

THE cake!
Caution signs... everywhere!

Very annoying that I have these pictures rotated when I upload them and then after they flip back! Not sure how to fix it! Sorry if you get a sore neck! :)

I loved their shirts! Got them off Etsy!

Max and Grandpa Joe!
Luke and Papa Paul!

Sweet John-John!
Cousin Trevon and Max. They are such buddies!
Max always has the biggest expressions!
We are missing Tyler here!!!
Mr. Cheese Ball again!
Blowing out their candles! They each got two candles and both did a great job at blowing them all out!

Sweet drill!
Lots of toys!
We were so blessed to celebrate with family and friends! The boys have no clue how blessed they are yet, but someday I know they will look back on pictures and hear stories and memories of how they were showered with and surrounded by love! Nothing better than to think of where they have come and CELEBRATE where we are now! But don't get all emotional... save that for Monday... when I look back on two years! :)
The boys checking out all the animals at Wilderness Walk! Being brave-ish! :)

The boys ... almost two sets of twins!! Two brothers, two cousins! ALL best buds!

Need to get my butt to bed! Haven't been able to get myself in bed before midnight or 1 a.m. the last few nights. Sometimes, time to do the things I want and need to do seems more recharging than sleep. I'm sure I will regret that eventually! Very excited to throw a baby shower tomorrow with my sister-in-law Angie for our other sister-in-law, Rachael. Cutest little pregnant lady you ever did see!
Too bad it's sideways!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Garage Saling... Sailing??? Sale-ing!

Ever wonder how you are actually supposed to spell that... me too! I just like to add the good 'ol hyphen and pretend it's another word I just legitimately made up! So... last weekend I went garage sale-ing with my sister-in-law in IL! We had so much fun and got some great deals! I was able to buy enough clothes for 50 cents to outfit my boys for the next year, at least it seemed that way! And we got some other really fun purchases! Here were a some of my favorites...
We found lots of fun glass pieces for super cheap... and really had fun looking for things for our other sister-in-law's baby shower next weekend!
This is probably my favorite find of the weekend! It is the cutest little picnic table and it was in perfect condition. It's plastic so it's easy to wipe up and light to move... and it was only $20!!
I was also able to find life jackets for the boys! I got all three of these for a TOTAL of $10!
Some of my other favorite finds included my sewing machine, some clothes for me... shoes for me. Winter stuff for the boys and tons more! I also found two different twin boy sales so that felt like a jackpot! It was just a great weekend to spend time with my sister and her in laws. They are fun people to be with and we had a blast all weekend! Caleb did great holding down the fort here and with help from both grandmas they survived and we were able to have a sweet reunion when I got back! It's amazing how a little time away can make you feel so refreshed and recharged!!! I missed all three of my boys like crazy, though!!

Uncle Jake and Luke, me, Papa and Max!
Boys and their toys!
Lots of PLAID! 
Uncle Jake and Luker!
Max's expressions are the best!
Luke was Dad's helper last night! So cute!!
And Max helped too!!
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Weekend...

So I have a big weekend coming up... I'm leaving! Weird to say... I am headed to IL with my sister-in-law to go down to her in-law's place for some serious garage sales! I'm pretty excited to hopefully find some good treasures and I am excited (at the moment) to get away and relax... by relax I mean not have to tend to my children 24/7. Odd how after having the boys I now think that driving to IL, getting up in the wee hours of the morning, going to garage sales all day, being on my feet... busy with lots to do... sounds relaxing. Kids just give great perspective! It will be fun! And I am confident that my boys will be in great hands all weekend. Between their dad and both grandmas I don't think I have anything to worry about... but naturally, as any mother... I will worry. Maybe I'm most worried that they won't miss me! :) Haha!

Look at my cool men...
Mom and Max... sorry it's on it's side... can't seem to change it?

Luke needed to stop for a nap in the woods!

My little Max... so tired!

There was something about Luker to me here... he just looked so sweet and tiny playing there all by himself. I had to take a picture!
Dirty "cheese" face!
Max's favorite new toy... a ratchet strap? Who knows!

Who needs lawn ornaments when you have kids!
Happy weekend!