Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow... lots of fun!

So I am pretty excited about how my boys are doing! Both of them have taken at least one full bottle, and it is only their second day at attempting this new feat! They also have been pretty good at not having as many spells and are getting bigger and bigger... Max is just a little over 5 lbs!!! And Mr. Luke will not be completely out done, he is coming steady at 3 lbs 9.5 oz! I am just so happy that Luke is eating well too. Our biggest hurdle to go home at this point is to make sure they can take all of their feedings by breast or bottle. The nursing is going fairly well too, it is just harder to know if they are getting enough with that now!

So... I have some pictures to share! I am updating right now from a recliner in the NICU with Max in his isolette on my left and Luke on my right. Just about as good as it could get right now. Only thing better would be having my hubby here! :)

Grandma and Grandpa Randby. Grandpa holding his grandson for the first time (Max).

Grandma Candy with Luke for the first time.

Grandma with Luke, Grandpa with Max. (First time Joe held his grandson)

Both have thumbs up! Look close for Max!

Grandpa and Max's hands...
Grandpa Paul got to give Max a bottle... he took the whole thing!

Luke getting weighed.

Little Luke

Lookin' at Mom...

In the tub together!
Max --- Luke

Ooooo... this is nice!

Luke and his tongue!

Ta - Da! :)

Mmmm... kisses!

Luke, a little overwhelmed!

My favorite... wheeeee...... :)

Matching outfits!

Really, boys, this is fun! We are enjoying this!

MAX: nice Lukey, nice boy.

Luke lookin' for dinner! ha!

Max was sucking on Luke's head. Hard!

MAX: Mmmm, your head tastes good. Johnson & Johnson?
LUKE: Mmmmm, yup, on your hands too??

Ok, time to eat... or else Max will devour Luke before we know it!


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!! The boys are looking really good!! I didn't realize how much smaller luke looked compared to max...crazy!! Anyways...keeping you all in my prayers!


  2. Ash,

    I love the pictures!! It is amazing to see how big the boys are getting. They are absolutely precious!


  3. It is so amazing seeing everyone hold those precious little boys and how blessed they already are for such a great family!! Max sure makes Luke look little when they are put right next to each other like that. So excited for you guys and all the good news lately! God is so good!!! Love to you all!

  4. Wow! Great pics! So excited for the Grandpa's! I bet your dad just loved being able to feed him! They both look so great! Max what a chunk! It won't be long and Luke will be looking the same way! Still praying lots and lots! Love you guys!


  5. wow so happy....