Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Weekend

We (Caleb and I) had such a great weekend with our boys. We went up on Friday night and spent time with them, hit a couple garage sales on Saturday morning, spent the night in Duluth Saturday again and got to spend LOTS of time with our little guys, and then celebrated Grandpa Joe's birthday at our house on Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to have everyone over to our place!

I have begun the daunting task of going through all of my baby stuff. I must say, THANK YOU, for all of the wonderful gifts we have received. It is so fun to go through them now and get ready for my boys to come home!! To be honest, I had a very hard time even looking at the baby stuff in my house after they were born. Things were so uncertain at that time and the future was hard to look forward to! Praise God for where we have came from and where we are now!

As far as when the boys can come home... we still don't really know. They are already two months old. Can you believe that!?! There are certain developmental things they have to hit in order to come home: breast/bottle feeding only (no tubes), keeping their own body temperatures in a crib, passing a car seat test, little/no apnea or breathing issues, pass eye exams, etc. It is possible that they could hit all of these things by 36 weeks (which is August 1st), but it could take longer. Not unlikely that it will take longer. So at this point I am thinking that they will be home sometime in August.

As of right now... they are doing really good! Luke is up to 28 ml/3 hours for feedings (Elecare still) and is 3 lbs 6 oz and Max is up to 40 ml/ 3 hours (breast milk) and is 4 lbs 7 oz. (30 ml = 1 oz). Both of them are still doing well breathing on their own. Luke got his IV out tonight so that means we can get some clothes on that boy again and they can start weening him down in his isolette (temperature).

Max... Look how big I am, holding my own pacifier!

Luke... in his cute doggy outfit!

My boys together ( Max - Luke)

Max crying... Luke just relaxing.

Caleb getting them ready for MORE pictures.



Caleb and Luke taking a nap :)

Grandma Candy and Max!!!! (she was holding him for the first time!)


  1. LOVE all the new pictures! As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. So...cute and I am so excited they are doing so well!! :)


  3. Oh my gosh! They are really getting chunky! Soooo cute! To glad to hear you guys had a good weekend with them! Looks like Caleb got some much needed rest too. :) Love you guys!


  4. Chip and Marlene ChipmanJuly 19, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Look how they are growing, praise God!!!! Love all the pictures.