Monday, September 17, 2012

14 Weeks

So I am officially out of the first trimester and on to BIGGER and better things... so they say. Below is my picture comparison of 14 weeks with one (second pregnancy) and 14 weeks with twins (first pregnancy). Crazy difference, I must say. Makes total sense, but it's just interesting. 

I'm bummed that my newer picture is so blurry but that is what you get when you are running to get there for a self timer and a camera that I think was about to fall! So I didn't think that I was going to do a questionnaire type thing with my pregnancy because I don't know how much will change if I update every week but I thought I would maybe do them every once in a while... as things progress for the sake of keeping track!

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day
Baby Size: Baby is the size of a lemon
Total weight gain/loss: hmmm... this will be a question I would just rather avoid! :) So far I would say gain... no other info is necessary! Ha!
Maternity clothes? I am still in my jeans and buttoning them... until after supper and then I just have to unbutton them to get comfortable when I sit. Thinking I will be needing some maternity pants in the next few weeks. 
Stretch marks? Not really... I mean I have a couple from last time that are still there. Weirdest thing... I got stretch marks AFTER I had the boys. Like as I shrunk back down. I did read that can happen but it just doesn't seem to make sense!
Sleep: Sleeping ok... as far as pregnancy. 
Best moment this week: Starting to feel movement.
Miss Anything? Nothing at the moment!
Movement: Just starting...
Food cravings: Salty & Sweet... lately toast always hits the spot?!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I made some type of seafood pasta the other day and I just about LOST it with the smell... turned me off for the rest of the day.
Have you started to show yet: Yes. Belly is sticking out more. I can still wear certain things to hide it, but overall anyone who knows me can tell. I am just thicker overall.
Gender: Our plan is to not find out! We'll see if I can stick to my plan in 6 weeks! 
Labor Signs: No... my prayer is to have no signs until after at least full term!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On... waiting to get my original wedding ring back this weekend for our anniversary. Caleb got some work done to it so he has been waiting to give it back to me until our anniversary!  
Mood? Good... normal?
Looking forward to:  Actually looking forward to having a belly, even though I know I will regret that as soon as it's really here. Also looking forward to the future of a growing family, being "done" and moving on and watching our family grow, meeting the baby... and just knowing what it is... it just might kill me to wait! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 Weeks

Right off the bat... sorry no picture. Nothing has changed since my last picture so I thought it was irrelevant. I did want to update quick though..

- Started feeling baby move this week!!!!! I really thought there was no way, but it was undeniable after a while. I looked it up and "they" say that second time mom's can feel movement at 13 weeks. So I'm going with baby and not gas!
- Sorry, that was really my only reason to update! :)

I will post a picture next week and I have an unbelievable comparison picture to post of me at 14 weeks with the boys. It will BLOW your mind. I couldn't believe the difference myself! I will say that is the one marked difference so far, besides feeling better overall. I can't believe how much slower you grow with a singleton?! At first I felt really big with this one... just bloating and being a second pregnancy my uterus was ready to inflate it seemed like automatically. But now, I feel like I'm waiting to get into maternity clothes and so far I'm still buttoning all my pants? I am not saying my belly is little, trust me. But I am saying I can tell there is only one in there! Maybe a petite little girl?! Who knows! :)

Also, just some rambling... but I have been thinking and praying for my dear friend Dawn... she is moving next week... to NORTH DAKOTA! And I am going to miss her terribly! I also am "extra" sad because we are both pregnant right now and I love having her to talk things through with and laugh about and really... laugh at ourselves! I am just so thankful for phones! We will be talking a lot, I'm sure. But Dawn... I just want you to know that I love you dearly and am praying for you, Mike, John and little Baby M. Know that even though we will be 12 hours apart our friendship will never change. Thanks for being there for me over the last 10 ish years and for being such a beautiful example of consistent, Godly, loving friendship in my life! Can't believe I'd ever say this, but I can't wait to go to North Dakota...... so I can see you!

Ok... check back next week for the 14 week bump update!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Brothers

As you've probably guessed... we are expecting! Our one little baby is due in March, March 17th. So a St. Patty's Day baby! At this point that is my prayer... to make it to the end! We are very excited and I am a little nervous... just praying that my body will do what it is supposed to do this time around!

The Proof!
We found out we were going to have another baby in July... Funny thing is, with the boys I can still tell you the exact day I found out... and with this one, I would have to look back on a calendar or something to figure that out. I think that is just pregnancy the second round in general. You are too busy with other kids to think about some of the details.
Trying to get the boys to "pose" with the pregnancy test... not so successful!

I took the test early in the morning, before Caleb and the boys were up. And when I got the boys out of bed I gave Max the test to hand to Daddy... it was a fun way to surprise him. However, Caleb was not surprised in the least. We had been trying and we were both anticipating a positive result. 

Here is a "letter" I wrote to the baby just moments after I took the test!

Dear Baby or Babies,

I just found out about you. Really only moments ago. My head is spinning. I haven't even told Daddy about you yet, he's still sleeping and so are your brothers. Mama just doesn't want to forget how this feels so I'm writing it down...

Anxious, excited, overwhelmed, joyful, scared, shaky, did I say EXCITED?!?!

We have been thinking about you, planning for you and waiting for you for quite a while now. I am just so pleased with how God works. You will learn soon enough that we have a Savior, someone who loves us beyond words that wants to take care for us. He has perfect timing and we do not. And He has decided we will hear about your arrival now...

You are due March 19th, 2013 but Mama is not holding her breath. If you are anything like your brothers you will be jumping the gun. So I will be patient, hopefull and super duper prayerful that you stay put. Mark my words now... I would like you to even be a tad overdue. I'm sure I wouldn't say that come 40 weeks,  but I hope my attitude is still the same then... the longer the better!

Well I just heard your brother Luke cry, thinking he might be ready to get up, Max too I'm sure. They will be so excited to meet you! I can't even imagine! I can't wait to find out more about you... like are there two more babies to love in there, just one? A girl? A boy? My prayer overall all is whatever you are, one, two three, boy, girl... is that you are healthy, that you are strong, and most importantly that this pregnancy honors God, because He is the one that gave it to us!!!

I love you little one(s)!!


This is my plan to document my pregnancy... take weekly picture updates as I go... 

So far my weeks have turned into TWO months! Yikes! In the picture above I'm 12 weeks 2 days. Things we know so far...
- There is just one baby. Confirmed by ultrasound at 7 weeks.
- My official Q1Q211Q1Q1 (oh yes, a little help from Max!) due date is March 17th
- We have heard a heartbeat by doplar at 10 weeks and we saw the heartbeat at the ultrasound too
- I am craving sweets, general junk food... along with...

- Starburts... any flavor, but some I crave more than others!
- BLT's!!! Love them with avocado too!
- Weirdest and probably one of the strongest cravings around 10 weeks... HOT STUFF! Like Frank's Red Hot Wing sauce, on just about anything! Just so strange because I have been the girl that mixes sour cream with mild salsa because I think it's too hot and I have now been eating jalenpenos with my husband at night!??!

- I feel bigger with this one than with the twins?! But I know with it being my second pregnancy it is typical to show faster and "expand" quicker!
- Overall I've felt really good. No severe morning sickness... really nothing compared to the boys. I only feel icky come late evening. But never close enough to even lose my cookies... so that has been great.

Excited to switch gears on here for a little while and document my pregnancy! I will obviously still be updating about the boys with pictures, etc. but I am going to try my hardest to be good about staying consistent with pregnancy updates. I was bad about it with the boys and it is still a regret of mine! So I'm hoping to update soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

So as usual, I was going to post this update ON August 29th... the boy's adjusted second birthday, but I was too busy and time slipped away. However, I wanted to pause and acknowledge the fact that the boys REALLY are officially two. No more adjusting, not more anything but two little "normal" boys now! Since I have lots of pictures to get to I will just jump into them now...

We've started the potty training adventure... kind of. This is Luke trying out the new potty seat!
I say we are only starting the potty training adventure kind of because it's not really potty boot camp around here yet. The boys are not really totally grasping the concept but we are introducing it. So far they both have had only one successful #2 attempt.... which let me tell ya... is EXCITING! So we are patient and hopeful that they will catch on soon.

Camping this year, 2012.
Camping last year, 2011. So sweet!!! Chubby and missing teeth!
Fishing with Dad on a late night cruise on the pontoon!
Max LOVED the fish!
Luke... not so much!
Grandma and Grandpa came over one night and we all went out fishing again. We got a pizza and ate on the boat too! So fun!
Dad's helpers! Max loves wearing safety ear muffs... he finds them in the garage and wears them everywhere! 

Oh yes, Luke my artist! I was in the bathroom downstairs, RIGHT next to this area and Max came and shut my door ... my first thought was "Hey, thanks for the privacy!"  In the mean time, Luke had crawled up on the table, found a permanent marker and went to town!  When I came out a minute later I totally regretted that thought! 
Luckily Magic Eraser did the trick!
Max tried to help me clean it up!
I wish I could think of other things that I need to update about... but at the moment my mind is blank because I just heard the boys talking upstairs... they are up so I better get going! Hoping to get on here in a couple of days with a big update! We'll see if that really happens...