Friday, July 9, 2010

Nothing New

Luke is still NPO. I think they will start him on Elecare today. Hopefully he will still be able to move that through. If he can't then we know he has more serious digestive problems. I just pray he will move past it all and be on breast milk again soon!!

Today is a big special day! It is Grandma Day!!! Candy and my mom and coming up to hold the boys for the very first time. I thought since neither of them have held them yet it would be fun to make a day out of it and have them experience it together. Once again, things are different for us but sometimes it is for the better! :)

I will post pics of the grandmas soon...


  1. I bet your mom & Candy are excited!
    Praying for little Luke's feeds. We've been there, done that with Lilly (even with NPO's, Elecare & feeding tubes!) I know the ups & downs of that whole thing and we're praying for both of you until he's eating like he should. We're also praying for wisdom for the docs so that he can get back to eating and growing like his brother.

  2. That's exciting about the grandmas!! Can't wait to see the pics! I will continue to keep praying for those little boys!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited for those Grandma's! I bet they can barely contain themselves!!! Can't wait to see pictures! Love you Yoder Family!!

  4. When is it uncle's day?