Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bath Time

Last night I got to have some special bath time with Max. Luke isn't quite big enough to have a real bath yet. He just gets sponge baths still. Luke's feedings have started again! He is only getting 9 ml of feedings but will have them increased quickly the doctor said. Good thing is he didn't lose much weight through all of this! Now, Luke is 2 lbs 8 oz and Max is 3 lbs 9 oz!!! They both are looking better everyday, so, so cute! So now on to bath time... these pictures are priceless...
Getting ready for his bath


The nurse set up a near by isolette with an open top for us to have a bath. It was so nice because he stayed warm and I could take my time. We got to take a very short walk together, which was fun because I never have picked him up and walked with him yet! Oh, the little things we cherish because things are so different for us!

He was pretty mad at me for scrubbing his face!

He loved the bath once he got IN it. So funny, he just relaxed totally!

I love this expression! It's like he's looking at the nurse... "Hey, Terry, don' worry bout it... we got it unda control, eh!" What a little hustler with that hair!

"Mom, I'm getting too big for this tub!"

Getting sleepy...

All ready to snuggle!

"Aren't I cute, mom?"

Tucked into my shirt.

He slept so hard, so tuckered out after all that activity.

Terry getting Luke out so we could snuggle too.

My little peanut.

He was so zonked too!

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  1. Ash! These pictures are awesome! It's so great to see you being a mom and seeing the boys look so good! They are cuties! I still hope to meet them someday soon! Praying that they both continue to take huge growing steps! Praying for you too as always! Love you!