Saturday, October 30, 2010

All the Hats We Wear

We had a busy week again. Time just really flies with these little men. On Friday we headed back up to Duluth to see the specialist for Luke. He said that his circumcision looks good and we really have nothing to worry about in the future... so that was a relief!

Right now I'm at Joe and Candy's house (Caleb's parents). They watched the boys this morning so we could go to church and then we just had a nice lunch and all the family is watching the game and snugglin' babies... which leaves me with more than 5 minutes to update you all! Whoo hooo!

This morning in church Pastor Mark talked about the 'blessing of possibility' which is near and dear to my heart. Through much of my journey from pregnancy, birth and now motherhood I chant... "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!" It gets me through. Sometimes, since I am in such a hurry wearing all my hats... mother, wife, bookkeeper, daughter, friend... I lose who I am in Christ. I have been wanting to take the time to center my life and everything around me once again in the light of the Lord, because with out that my life has no real purpose or direction. It's amazing how things around me can seem to be spinning when I neglect to focus my heart and mind on God.

So.... back to what Pastor Mark was talking about this Sunday... possibility. I am continually amazed at what He did with my boys. These little guys were not given much of a shot and were not told to have much of a future... but look at them now! I am so blessed, and I mean that in the deepest sense of the word. From the hardship and how it grew my faith, to the joy I have in my heart and the living proof of God's healing power in front of me day after day. Thank you Lord for loving me and seeing me through. Thank you Lord for life!

Happy Sunday!

Check out the boys in all their hats! :)

"Howdy partner!"

In our cute outfits from Sari... on our way to Duluth!

'Watch Me Grow'

My wonderful 'helper' and friend, Brooke!


Max and Auntie Rach... what a cute little hat, huh!?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall is Here!!

Fall is here... as you can see by my background. Do you like it?? I am thinking that I am going to try to change it with every season. Also, you can see that fall is here by the picture below. Baby pumpkin with some babies. (Luke was just crying before we took this picture.)

A great old friend (not OLD in age, but OLD in friendship... since 1st grade!) came to visit this past weekend. Tyra and I have been through finger painting, awkward school pictures, zits, boyfriends, college, marriage and now babies together. (I'm just waiting for the babies on her end now). It was so great to see her and just unload some things on her. It is so nice to be with someone who just KNOWS you. Its funny to me... she has always wanted twins. It is a part of her perfect life plan. I told her that she should rethink the twin thing. Just spend 24 hours with us and twins will no longer sound so intriguing, infertility will start to sound pretty appealing I would bet! haha!

I love that the boys are starting to smile. It is so fun! They both just light up, their whole faces. I find myself wanting to video tape them ALL the time... but then I decided that would be a little overboard, kinda like my picture taking! I think the best part of smiling is that they will surprise me with a big grin just at the right time. Its the middle of the night and I am dragging to stay awake and feed them, and out of no where they will give me these big toothless grins... makes me want to get up in the night!

Smiles for daddy!

Max smiling for Mommy

Chubby Luke

Headed out for a brisk fall walk.

Hats from Great Grandma Pudding (Clara) - hand knit.

Okay, once again, I wish I could write more, but I can't. Boys are hungry. Hopefully sometime soon...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The FOURSOME is Complete!

Tyler Matthew Albrecht came into this world about two weeks ago now. He was the missing link to the foursome that will be famous... you just wait! haha!

We still need a picture of all the boys together, but the foursome is comprised of my two boys, and Dawn's little man John and now Amber's precious new baby, Tyler. (Amber and Dawn are sisters and very close friends of mine... we all have babies months apart now!) It is so fun to think of our kids growing up together, and us being able to experience this thing called parenthood TOGETHER! We are all pretty excited about it. To see the missing link that is not in the picture click here.

Max - Luke - Tyler

My new favorite picture of Max... haha! SO funny! He was so stunned by the flash.

We had Max's follow up echo cardiogram done on Tuesday up in Duluth. Everything went really good and the doctor said that his PDA looks so tiny and insignificant that it is no longer a concern. PRAISE GOD! Such good news! Both boys are still getting bigger by the day, but are still in newborn size clothes! I am excited for them to start getting into that 0-3 month size because we have lots of cute outfits they need to start wearing!

I must say... this whole being a mom thing is great! I really do love it. I have my days, moments, but there is nothing I have ever done that is more challenging and rewarding and fulfilling! The boys are starting to smile more and more and it can brighten my mood in an instant to just see their faces light up. So sweet...

Last night, thanks to the Channing girls, we were able to get out on our first 'official' date. Dawn and Mike went with Caleb and I to the movie "Life as We Know it." Very cute movie, but it definitely made Dawn and I cry. I'm not a huge movie crier, but if you are a woman, who has birthed a child, or really ever loved a child, you WILL cry... trust me. Happy and sad tears though. We got to grab a quick bite to eat after too. It was so nice to get out with good friends!
Max - "You're lookin' at my WubbaNub. His name is Kermit. My brother has a monkey named George... ya know, the curious one!"

"Yup, I'm Luke, and I think I am no longer the runt! Ha!"

Max - "Ya, what he said..."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ouch is right...

Luke this morning... before he went to the hospital. Trying to get a shot of him smiling, but he was too distracted by the camera.

So unfortunately Luke's circumcision today did not go as good as it could or should have. Due to his bilateral hydro seals, and fat packs (yes Luke has significant 'fat packs' which is great, because it means he's fat) and due to his anatomy being the way it is... the doctor had a very difficult time performing the procedure. The down side to it all is that Luke has suffered for it. :(

They think it will heal ok in time, but just pray that Luke will deal with the discomfort and that everything will heal quickly and as it should. Poor guy! Everything will be 'normal' it just took her two times with the whole thing because his boy part likes to hide!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Weights

Made it to see the doctor again today. Found out that Luke is going to have his circumcision on Friday, finally. (Since he was so small at birth and developed slowly the doctor advised us to wait until now.) Please, if you think of it, be praying for him on Friday. OUCH!

The Weights...
Luke weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz! He gained 16 oz in 13 days!!! So excited, because I am nursing them exclusively... finally! (Besides a little extra bottle at bed time to fill 'er up!)

Max is now 9 lbs 2 oz and he gained about an ounce a day this past week and a half.

Daddy is home! We are ALL so excited he is back. We missed him lots. And I am pretty sure he missed his boys too. It was cute to see him love on them when he got home. (The boys were not fond of his over-grown whiskers, however)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bath TIME!

Man, these boys are too cute! I know I might sound like I am bragging, but that IS the whole point of this blog anyway, so here it goes...

Photos courtesy of: Rachael Yoder Photography (AKA - Auntie Rach)


Wet Foot...

Luke, ready for a bath?


Max loves the 'hose' on his tummy!

Sure, I can brush my own hair.

Mommy kisses :)


This is the 'cuteness' I was referring too!

Some of my fans call me... 'Baby'


Thanks Rach for the pictures and thanks Grandma Candy for the bath help! Off to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check so I will be posting some big numbers tomorrow, hopefully. FYI... Caleb is in Montana hunting, which should explain my lack of posting. Single moms amaze me. How do they survive?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Great Weekend

I had such a good weekend! It started with going out to dinner Friday night with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (Angie and Lonnie) and my wonderful husband. Grandma Cookie and Great Grandma Pudding watched the boys for us! :) Oh... and I was thinking about the other Great Grandmas and was thinking the most appropriate names would be Great Grandma Pickle (Doreen) and Great Grandma Hot Dog (Gerrie)! I know you both are famous for these specialties, in my eyes at least! haha!

Anyways, then on Saturday my husband, wonderful I must say again, watched the boys so that I could joyfully... no ecstatically run off to Cranberry Fest with Angie! It was so great to just spend the day with her and be able to feel the wonderful cool crisp fall air on my face, eat some great-bad-for-you food, and buy some stuff I didn't need! It was wonderful! Then, yes there is more, Grandma Candy and Grandpa Joe came on Sunday so that we could go to church and then we headed out to their house for the afternoon. It was so nice! Amazing what a change of scenery can do for your mood! And, the good keeps going... today was great too! I did a bunch of laundry, cleaned house, showered (yes, this is no longer a necessity but a luxury), went for a walk with Ang, went to Wal-Mart for the first time by myself with the boys, made dinner (with one child on the counter in a bouncy chair and the other in a front pack), then went over to spend some time with cousins at Angie and Lonnie's and now... actually updating the blog! Wow! So... in other words, I'm exhausted so just check out the pics, the only thing most of you log on for anyways! ha! :)

Grandpa Paul and Grandma Cookie

Caleb was lecturing the boys on hunting!

My hunters...

Auntie Rach and Max :)

So sweet... Daddy and Luke sleeping.

My mother and I... didn't plan to dress the same, just happens, A LOT!