Monday, August 2, 2010


I just was in the with boys and Dr. Shuey is on his way to give the boys eye exams. The nurse sweetly turned to me and said... "You might not want to watch the eye exam. I don't even watch when they do it. Actually, maybe you should just leave for a minute." That was enough for me! I am now out in the family waiting room with enough time to update everyone!

On Friday evening we had a family care conference with the boys' doctor. It was so nice that most of our family could make it. Dr. Muskovitz recommended that we have a conference towards the end with him and our family so that he could update us all on what is to come when we bring these little men home. At the time of the conference things were good and it was looking like the boys would be discharged Tuesday, yes tomorrow (not the case). Before we entered the conference both boys were in cribs and Luke even had his feeding tube out! He finally beat Max at something! haha! But, as it goes, by the end of the hour long conference when we went back in to see the boys Luke was back in an isolette and his tube was back in. All I could say was... "Welcome to our world." Things just happen so fast. That is why I have hesitated lately to update the blog because what I say one minute is false the next!

As of this MINUTE... Max is in a crib, eating well... both nursing and by bottle. Still yet to go 24 hours without using his feeding tube. At around 5 lbs 11 oz and just getting more feisty and chubby by the minute. Really, he is on his way home soon I think! (as soon as we master feedings completely). Luke is still in his isolette until he packs on a few more pounds. For him to bottle/nurse and hold his own temperature is asking more than the amount of calories that are going in, so we need to wait for the crib until he gains some more weight. They also said he has stage one retineaopothy. The eye doctor will hopefully update me today after the exam to let us know what he sees today. Stage 0 is ideal, that means all is clear. Then it can progress to stage 1, 2 and 3 being the worse. Please pray it regresses on its own or that if surgery is the only cure, that it works and God will give us grace for that journey. The surgery would take place in Minneapolis, soon. Also, Praise God... Max is stage 0 and Luke is 3 lbs 15 oz!!

So, that is what I know NOW! I do know that God is good and we are getting through this day by day. These little boys give me enough joy to see past all the obstacles that come our way. Also, so cool... God answered a prayer for me this morning that was so direct it gave me chills. I was laying in bed and forcing myself to get up to pump and start the routine. I just prayed a very simple, shallow really, request.... "God, please give us a good nurse today... maybe Sandy or someone like Sandy (one of my many favorites)." I finished pumping, showered and went into the unit. Peeked at the charge sheet and there it said... NURSE: Sandy. Thank you Lord. Not for the answered prayer as much as the reminder that You hear me and You still are right by my side!

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