Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. I love being able to say that! I showed up yesterday to find both of my boys off of CPAP and in nose cannulas and in room air... breathing on their own. Praise God! It seemed almost surreal after the week we had. I know this might not last, but I have learned that when the good times come I need to celebrate in them because I never know how long they will last. It is amazing when they were doing well how it impacts my mood. I can't help but BEAM inside knowing they are progressing.

Both boys are up to full feeds for their size. Max is at 21 ml and Luke is taking 15 ml. Both are getting their breast milk fortified with extra calories and calcium at this time. Soon they will be bigger and stronger I hope. Max is up to 2 lb 11 oz and Luke is 1 lb 14 oz! They look so cute too! So cute! I wish I had some good new pictures to post but I have to wait until Dad comes up with me, he's the ultimate baby photographer! I got some pics but they aren't so good...

Max, using that pillow like a body pillow.
He was supposed to be on top of it but wiggled himself off.

Yesterday was also so fun because the nurse that was on let me do a lot with the boys. I was able to help and handle them lots. I think a big part of that was because they were doing well. There is nothing better than feeling like I can help or comfort my babies. It can be so frustrating when you haven't seen them for a day or two and you get there and talk to them or touch them in their isolettes and then they have a spell, and you feel like you caused it! Yesterday was totally different. I was able to comfort both of them at different times and make them come out of spells and even fall asleep when I was touching them! Max was all bent out of shape because the nurse put him on his other side to sleep, to shape his head. He apparently doesn't like that side AT ALL and was having a minor spell and just being super fidgety. She told me to put my hands on him and just talk to him and he calmed way down and fell asleep! It felt great to do that!

Today is Sunday and we are off to church this morning. It is amazing how different things are from last Sunday. The boys were not doing well last Sunday and we went to church for the first time since I was admitted to the hospital three weeks prior. I am so thankful we did though. You hear how it is important to praise Him in all things, at all times, in every season and I think last Sunday was a very tangible lesson in that. We did praise Him, but with much pleading for help. We also were uplifted by all the support around us... but today I am looking forward to shouting praise!!!!
Ephesians 3:19
And to know this love that surpasses knowledge
that you may be filled to the measure
of all the fullness of God.

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  1. This is so true Ashley and Caleb and I love that the message was so about this. When we don't see or understand His hand....we always can trust His heart of love for us. You are in our thoughts and prayers. . ..Nate and Patti