Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Roller Coaster Continues

The past two weeks our boys were flourishing in the NICU for the most part. Jumping hurdles (figuratively speaking) and surpassing expectations. Just in the past two days the boys have had more problems breathing and have been put back on CPAP. Their more frequent spells (when they stop breathing) have raised suspicion to an infection also. Both of the boys had blood taken and now it is a matter of waiting for the next 48 hours to hear results. Antibiotics have been started just as a preventative measure because infections at their stage are obviously very serious and can be fatal. Things can go hand in hand in these situations so the spells could be explained by the infection, but at this point we don't know that. As soon as I hear I will update you all on their (hopeful) progress. Please keep praying for our boys. Your prayers have been priceless and I know it can help them get through this stage.

We went to church this morning for the first time in three weeks. It was amazing in some ways to be back in such a familiar atmosphere but with such a different outlook on life and my circumstances. The songs and their words shot through me like never before. The sermon spoke to me in very personal ways and every nuance and analogy seemed to make sense. Being in an extreme time of need with the boys where they are and being overwhelmed by the presence of God in the past weeks makes it easier in some ways to hear the voice of God and feel his touch. At the same time it makes it so much harder to just function in those situations. Overall... I am thrilled we made it to church and were able to connect with people again and really feel the support around us. It really does mean so much to Caleb and I and is so encouraging to see our community pull together under Christ to lift others up. Truly awesome!


  1. Ashley & Caleb,

    We all continue to pray for you and the boys...Much love, Claire, John & ISabella.

    P.S. Natalya says hello and best wishes.

  2. Caleb and Ashley,

    Hello from Matt and Cara :). We're prayin for the boys, you guys and the whole family.....It's wonderful to "hear" your testimony through the blog....

    Lamentations 3:21-24

  3. Dear Ashley and Caleb,

    I guess the test results should come back I'll be thinking of and praying extra hard for the boys and for you guys today. I hope the antibiotics helped and that Luke and Max are doing better already.

    I check your blog for updates first thing each morning and throughout the day, and it brings back lots of memories for me from when Will was born. I know it's been quite a roller coaster for you guys, and I know it will continue to be that way for a while, but things will start to level off soon and I have no doubt that Luke and Max will grow up to be happy, healthy boys. In the meantime, remember that you're never alone on the ride. I wish I lived nearby so that I could offer more tangible help, but if there is ever anything I can do from afar, don't hesitate to ask!!!

    ~Emily Mayberry~