Monday, June 28, 2010

All Pictures

My Loves... Luke and Max.

They are cuddling here for the very first time. These are the pictures the nurses took.

The moment I was able to hold them for the first time... today! They are holding hands here :)

So happy... the three of us again!

Caleb holding Max, me above holding Luke. We were able to get them out at the same time and sit next to each other to cuddle.

Grandma and Grandpa Yoder came too!

New Family Photo!

My little Max in his first ever outfit!

My necklace came! It says Luke Joas and Max David. So they are always with me.

Max's first tub bath :)

I plan to post more tomorrow after I sleep a few hours. It would be plain gibberish if I wrote it now! Lots to update though!


  1. Me and Mom were just excited over all the new pictures you have posted!! They are looking great Ashley!! And Caleb looks so happy in that picture!! We all miss you and love you!! Can't wait until we can come visit all 4 of you in Hayward!! I will give you a call tonight to see if you can catch up!

  2. I bet they LOVE being together like that. Hopefully it can happen more often. I love the necklace you picked out, I was waiting to see which one!

  3. Love the pictures! How special! You guys have an amazing little family!