Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Caleb was able to celebrate his very first Father's Day today! We weren't planning on getting able to do that until next year... but hey, there are perks with this situation, I guess! We had a great day spending time with Caleb's family at Silverthorne. The weather was gorgeous and it was fun to just relax with everyone. Oh, and Caleb won the prize for being the newest father in church this morning!

I called to check on the boys this morning and their nurse said they were having a better day than yesterday which made me feel good. They started to run the caffeine again by IV for both of them. The concept sounds weird, but this form of caffeine that they give them actually helps with their spells. It helps to "wake" them up and keep their brain telling their body to breath. Sometimes when I talk to them and run out of things to say I just keep repeating... "breath, breath, breath..." hoping they will pick up on the rhythm! haha :) Most of the time the reason for their spells is that they just get disorganized in their breathing. Take a few short breaths, stop completely, and then one big one. Sometimes, however, they forget the one big one and that is where we run into problems!

I was there last night and I was just spending some time with Luke and Max's monitor beeped so I just peaked over to see what it was, assuming he was just slightly desaturating. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. When I looked over his saturation level had lines through it and his heart rate was around 19 bpm. I panicked and as the nurse walked over I kept saying, "he's flat-lined, not breathing at all!" She briskly picked him up and his little arms and legs were completely limp. I felt like I had a huge brick in my throat. I was so relieved that after that type decline she was able to bring him back without bagging him. But seriously, it was so scary. I just felt so helpless and panicked!

Anyways, that is another reason why I am so immensely thankful for the NICU and all of the nursing staff. They are truly amazing and always are on top of those situations. It does still make it hard to leave, just knowing that your babies have the tendency to stop breathing spontaneously is very unsettling, to say the least! Praise God for technology. I usually tend to be on the other side of that statement and can get so frustrated with all of our modern conveniences, but in our situation, I wouldn't want to imagine life without technology!

A new picture of Luke. The last one I put up didn't do him justice! :)

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