Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Days with my Boys :)

I was able to spend some good quality time with my boys!! It was so great to get up there yesterday and know that I didn't have anywhere else I needed to be but with them for another 24 hours. When I got up there on Wednesday afternoon I didn't get the best welcome report... I never really seem to for some reason. I was on my way over the bridge actually when I got a call from Caleb... "Ash, the NICU just called me..." My heart sank. He informed me that they had changed some things with feedings and they would update me once I got there. At least I was braced before entering the door this time!

The doctor explained to me that they stopped Max's feedings. Which was a big surprise after he had been tolerating 21 ml very well for the last few days. His belly was too hard and bloated and they were suspicious of infection once again. They started antibiotics right away and scheduled an echo cardiogram (ultrasound of the heart). Possible diagnosis for Max's reaction could be a few things. The most threatening concern is that his PDA is affecting his overall digestive system. (That is the open valve still.) So please, if you are praying for the boys, pray that their valves close!! The other possible reasons I was told were a reaction to either protein in my breast milk or in the fortification they added. (More likely than not, a reaction to the fortifier that was just introduced in the last few days is the cause). Long story short on Max... the echo gram was done today and we will have results back tomorrow.

Today, however, was a much better day for both of the boys. They were both breathing well while I was there and both are eating small amounts now. Luke at 8 ml of breast milk and Max just getting a little special pre-digested formula to hold him over until he gets put back on breast milk. I was able to hold Luke last night and then Max this morning. So, so wonderful to be able to snuggle! I love to be able to hear them breath, smell them, feel their little chests rise and fall on top of mine. Have I ever told you how cute they are? haha :)
Max - weighing in at 2 lb 10 oz

Luke - catching up at 2 lb 0.8 oz!!!!!

(his mouth looks a little funny because his feeding tube is too stiff and pushing on his lips, and yes he has his tongue out again!)

I can't seem to brace myself still, even though I know it is coming and will come, but the ups and downs of this roller coaster are dumb founding! I really never know what tomorrow will bring. It amazes me how much it affects me. But I guess why wouldn't it... we are talking about the lively hood of my flesh and blood. Two little babies that I love more than life itself. I just pray that when I leave, God picks them up and cradles and soothes them until I get back. I miss them terribly already!


  1. Hey Ash,

    I'm so glad you were able to spend that time with them. They do look like they've grown a lot - and they are so cute! :-) Continuing to think of and pray for you guys, especially for the boys' heart valves to close.


  2. So happy to know you got to spend time with your boys! I can't imagine being in that situation! Praying today goes well!!

    -Cyndi H.

  3. Wow Luke is really catching up to his brother huh? It's so great to get updates when you live so far away....otherwise it's easy to kinda forget because we aren't there. Praying that God gives ya'll the grace you need through this time and that the boys will be healthy and strong. Love ya, Anita

  4. Wow! Way to go Yoder Twins!! Glad to hear that you got in some good quality time! Praying that their weight continues to go up and up! Love you guys!