Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good News

I just got off the phone with the boys' nurse and we got some good news! Luke is up to 4 ml every 3 hours and is pooping well. I am really hoping that he catches up to his younger brother in size soon! I don't want him to be the little runt forever! :) Max is still doing good with his 3 ml feedings every 3 hours also. Luke is off of any aid from his cannula now... which is really exciting! The nurse said that both boys went up in weight from yesterday but I'm not sure what their weights are exactly. We are going up there tonight so I will know then. I am thinking that Max might be 2 lbs. WOW! That seems crazy!

Thanks again for all the prayers. I truly believe it is helping my little boys to grow, grow, and grow! The power of prayer is beyond our understanding... so thank you!

Here are some pics of me holding the boys yesterday...


  1. Yay! That just made my morning! GO GOD!!

  2. Yeeaahhhh!!! That's awesome! Great news Ash! Praying that those boys continue to grow & grow! Love ya!