Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Hands...

Last night Grandma Candy and Grandpa Joe made the trip up to see the boys. It was so fun to see them... it is every time! They are doing a little better. Baby steps, haha! Luke is off of the CPAP and is breathing well and Max is just on CPAP now with no aid really, just breathing on his own with the constant flow and is doing better. He is still having spells but they haven't been as frequent or severe so I pray he keeps getting better!!! Also, Max is off of antibiotics too. PRAISE GOD no infections!

Both are gaining weight, Max a little faster than Luke. Max is a little puffy too, just from some of the IV fluids so he looks extra chunky because of that. Both are eating really well and climbing slowly.

Max did get some x-rays done of his heart and chest to see if anything was wrong there to cause his spells. The doctor said that he has PDA... you can look it up... just means that he has a valve of his heart that is not closed (and wouldn't be at his age yet). The doctor is not worried about it at this point and is just going to watch it and see if it will close. Otherwise there is medication or surgery to close it... both with side effects. So we will see!
Max and I comparing hand size... I win!


Max's chubby feet :)

Max, being lazy... like forgetting to breath!

Daddy giving Luke a back rub :)

Dad and Luke holding hands

Luke saying "talk to the hand, leave me alone!"


  1. Awesome pictures Ash! Love to see those boys getting chunkier! Glad to hear that they are progressing too! Praise the Lord for that! So many hurdles to overcome but God is faithful! Love you guys!


  2. Yay! So glad to hear the good news! And I love the pictures. What a couple of cuties! :-)

  3. They are so precious Ashley! They look very strong and definitely are fighters! You and your family are always on my heart and prayers! Continue to stay strong in the Lord!


  4. Love the one of Luke and Caleb holding hands, and Luke giving the "talk to the hand" cute! Thanks for the update...I have been thinking of you guys a lot this week! Much love!