Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Steps

Max was a free man while they changed him from his high flow to low flow nasal cannula. Breathing all on his own!

Same here... "Look mom, I'm so happy!"

Luke getting some time out with Dad.

It's so much work being cute, just wears a boy out!


Luke with Caleb. "What do I want for lunch... hmmmm?"

Hahaha... Luke! He just got his nose suctioned out. This face makes total sense if you would see and the suctioner! For us it would be like taking an industrial vacuum to you nose!


Who's talking to me??

"Look mom... no IVs!!"
So the boys are making some big steps! Max and Luke both have all of their IVs out. That was a big step because that means the doctor is confident that their feedings are going well enough. Their IVs at this stage were left in really for back up if their feedings would be stopped. It is so nice to see their little arms free... and they must think so too. They are using their arms a lot more, flailing them all around!

Another very exciting this is that Max had his very first tub bath last night and is now wearing clothes!!! I got a call from the nurse last night telling us about it. Luke isn't quite ready for that yet. Just due to his size mostly. Please pray that Luke will start to gain weight. That little guy worries me. I just know that he really needs to start gaining in order to hit more milestones like his brother! I was very bummed that I missed Max's first bath, but they did take pictures for me so that made it a little better! She said he did well with it though and enjoyed it!

We had such a great weekend, Caleb and I. He came up on Friday afternoon and we spent the night and most of the day on Saturday with the boys too. It was so great to all be together and Caleb had so much fun because he finally was able to interact with the boys now that his poison ivy is gone! He did some diaper changes for the first time, held them both a lot... for long periods of time. And... did what he loves to do... took tons of pictures of them. Seeing him with my boys just makes my heart feel so full. I love to feel like we are together as a family. As together as we can get at this point!


  1. Look how big they're getting!! They are adorable. It's awesome that they don't have IV's anymore. Isn't is a great feeling! Before you know it they will be trying to bottle.
    We miss you
    Crystal, Marshall, and Audrey

  2. That is so exciting!! They are doing soo well Ash; I can hardly believe it...God is good :) I'll keep praying for those tough little boys and their parents :)