Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dr. Carr let me know yesterday that her goal is to get me to (and past) 28 weeks. So that means a total of 3 weeks here in the hospital. Just keep watching my pregnancy ticker!! I was moved last night to a long term room which has a TV and DVD player, microwave, and mini fridge. It is down the hall a ways too so it is quieter, which is nice.

My time here has actually been good and has gone by fast so far. It seems hard to believe that I've been here for 4 days already. Visitors have been nice to have and my mom has been super great. She has been here everyday and is a great nurse! :) We have taken out daily wheelchair rides up to the tenth floor to get some fresh air and so far I have not lost any appendages. We have been stuck a few times in some door ways, but it just makes it fun!

The hardest part so far is just being away from Caleb. I miss him so bad and just have a hard time not seeing him daily. There really isn't a busier time for him than spring/summer and we are thankful that the business is "booming." Part of me wants to pray for a rain day so I can see him more... but not sure if that would help! I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing him tonight.

Deb and Candy came yesterday. They brought a few more gifts and Candy brought me some peanut butter pie... a taste from home! Deb also brought some pictures of her twin pregnancy and she really encouraged me with her stories and memories.

The babies are being monitored in this picture.

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  1. Ashley, you look beautiful! Keep that smile on because I am certain those little guys feel it!

    Love your bible verse favorite and I share it so many others!

    Love, Hugs & Kisses!