Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Away from Home

So things are still at about the same status. The contractions are still present but at this point they are mild enough that they are not of concern. Obviously no contractions would be better, but my uterus just thinks it's time for these little ones to come. Makes sense in some ways, because I am about the size that I would be now if I were only pregnant with one. My body is just plan confused!

I slept well last night and have been enjoying my morning monitoring session. It is nice to be able to hear them moving and their little hearts beating everyday... actually three times a day. The nurses all have been commenting on how active they are and come in saying that they think they can find them right away... that they got hints from the last nurse who tried... but the boys always seem to fool them! haha!

My room is right across the hall from the nursery so it is so fun to listen to everyone walk by and oooh and aahhh at the little ones in there. I also LOVE hearing their little cries. It just sounds so sweet. I don't think there is a better floor to be on in a hospital. This one is just bursting with life! One of the nurses told me that they deliver on average 125 babies a month, sometimes up to 175. And that doesn't even reflect how many patients they see because there are a lot of people like me that they are just tyring to postpone from delivery. Crazy!
Mommy and daddy just holding tight...

Dad hoping that things are okay... I don't seem to entertained!

Mom, you know, being Mom :)

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