Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Pics

Make sure to read the post below. (5/25/2010 Mommy AND Daddy Update) There is lots of information on there about how the boys are doing now! Thanks

Below is little Max tonight. He has to wear that little mask because of the blue light they put on him to prevent jaundice. It is best that they stay in a dark environment for their brain growth.

Below is Luke. He has his mask off and no blue light on now. He might again later. He also is starting to open his eyes in this picture!

FINALLY!!! Kangaroo care. I know... mom looks a little rough. I'm still trying to recover. Had another fever burst this afternoon :( But nothing could keep me from my boys. (it is safe for me to be with them because what I have is internal and nothing that effects them).

Max was so calm and sweet. I could feel his little chest lift up and down from mine.

He just rested there with his mouth wide open. Haha! Never have seen him do this or be so relaxed. I loved it!

Taking him off me... such a little peanut.

The pictures are a little blurry. So dark in there. Hopefully we will have some to add of Dad holding them next!


  1. ash this is awesome!! i'm so happy you were able to do this!! they are so precious and tiny!! what beautiful miracles from above!!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes! I can only imagine what a sweet feeling this was for you. I am still praying and am also amazed at just how much God has blessed you guys with these babies! Love you ALL and hope we can see you soon!!

  3. Very special times, Ashley and Caleb. I'm sure you're treasuring each moment. Thank you for all the pictures and updates. It helps us to know what to specifically pray for all of you. God bless. Gary & Sue Bartz