Monday, May 31, 2010


Our first official family photos... I am holding Luke and Caleb is holding Max!

Luke and Max in their hats that their Grama Sophie knitted for them :)

We just got home and I am partaking in my new favorite past time... pumping! My goal for the day is to just RELAX! My house is a minor disaster but I know the time will come to clean more often than the time to lay in a lawn chair and relax.
Max all tuckered out and Luke stretching his little chicken legs! haha

Yesterday was a GREAT day! Caleb treated me like a birthday queen, my boys were doing well and I got to see them lots and I was able to spend some time with my parents and Caleb's parents! We got up, went out for breakfast, did some shopping, saw the boys, went out for lunch, saw the boys, went to Park Point, out for a fun dinner and then back to BOTH do kangaroo care together! It was perfect. (Made me really wish that we just lived in Duluth so we could see the boys all the time.)

We did get an update from the doctor yesterday on the boys. They are doing good, but suffering from some "normal" issues for their age. Both are having little apneic spells where they stop breathing. They are both breathing on their own and just have "in-room" air going through their cannulas, but because of this if they sleep real heavy they will forget to breath. Not fun for a mom to watch... when their lights ding and I watch their heart rates plummet! Then I just rub their little backs to get them to wake up. So... pray that they will get better with breathing. The other thing is they both have soft heart murmurs. Also normal for their gestational age. They have valves have have not had time to close yet. They might have to get some kind of medicine to treat it and if it doesn't work, be flown to Minneapolis for surgery (as I mentioned before.) Hopefully their valves will close on their own!
Luke's knees are getting a little softer looking...

Dad fell asleep holding Max :)


  1. i sit here crying in indiana so far away. my heart breaks with caleb sound asleep holding one of his sons. i am so proud of you both! ash i'm so glad you had fun yesterday!! my prayers were with you all day!! thanks for sharing how those little ones are doing!! i love you both and you are always in our prayers!!

  2. Sounds like they are doing as good as expected! That is great! Have they had their head ultrasounds yet to check for brain bleeds? They usually do that at about one week old, and that is a huge indicator of how well they will do. Praying for you and added you to my prayer chain in my Sunday School class at church! Prayer works! :)

  3. I like the pics of the kiddos inside your shirts. It reminded me of a passage from John. It reads "No one has ever seen God. But the one and only Son is himself God and is near to the Father's heart. He has revealed God to us." (John 1:18 NLT)

    The Greek word that is used for "close to the Father's heart" is an idiom that means "wrapped in the folds of the Father's cloak."

    Kind of like your pictures. :)

    Blessings. We are continuing to pray for you all.

    Tony Stoutenburg, pastor Grace Lutheran Church