Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/25/2010 Mommy AND Daddy Update

Just in a day... Below are pics of Max on Monday (top) and then today (bottom)!

Same with Luke. On the top is yesterday and on the bottom is today!

We feel like we have not been able to update you all on the good things that have been happening since so many things have been rough the past few days for me. I am still struggling with fevers (erratically) but they are getting better. Anything is better than the 103.8 F fever I had yesterday! They are still not sure what is wrong. They did find bacteria in my blood which indicates an infection but nothing has been determined for sure.

On to the good news!!!!! OUR BOYS! First of all Caleb and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers and support. There is no doubt in my mind that God heard all the prayers for our little miracle babies. Yesterday we received a great report from the the NICU doctor saying the boys are doing better than average. He did day that things could turn for the worse quickly because of introducing so many new things at once; for example feedings of my milk by tube, taking off oxygen, etc. However, the report again today was amazing. The boys have responded extremely well to my milk and Luke has already had two poops, little ones of course.

They also are BOTH off of oxygen, breathing all by themselves and just have a "fresh air" tube in their nose. Luke is starting to open his eyes! So precious and exciting. We are starting to be able to do their"cares." This means every three hours they need to get their temps taken and diapers changed and we can now do that! So fun to be involved and not nearly as hard as I thought to change that little diaper. Tonight we also were able to have kangaroo care or skin to skin time with the boys. Unfortunately I was only able to get to Max. It was the most amazing thing in the world!!!!!! I feel so bad for Caleb because he can't hold them yet. Believe it or not the landscaper has poison ivy! Really bad time for that to happen. Hopefully tomorrow morning we can have him hold Luke though.

Overall, it is just amazing that they are doing so well. All of the NICU doctors and nurses, along with the nurses on the OB floor have been impressed by how well they are doing. One of my wonderful nurses, Wendy, came in today and said that she heard about how well the boys are doing and can only think that my due date must have been off. She said there is no way that they could have been THAT big at 25 weeks 5 days. Long story short, I explained to her that there was really no way that I got pregnant before December and that their 8 week ultrasound confirmed that my due date was supposed to be August 29th also. We all came to the conclusion that we have an awesome God! I told Wendy that from the time I heard how far I was progressed in Hayward, to the time I gave birth five days later I just kept repeating... All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Over, and over, and over and over. And so far that has held true! Praise GOD! I also told her that there are more people than we know praying for us and the boys.

Below I am just taking Max's temp under his0 armpit. He doesn't really like it!

Also, I want tell all the ladies who made it to the shower thank you so much for the prayers, for coming, and for all the amazing gifts! I have been getting a few gifts daily and then trying to open them, send thank yous and get them back home. It is amazing how busy and scheduled my days are up here! Between pumping every three ours, delivering my milk to the boys, doing their cares, then getting back to my room for IV's and other meds on certain hours has been a little more than I thought. Nothing hard, just very scheduled! I can't wait to get to all the gifts soon though!!!!!!!! And, I'm sure my schedule will be so much better once I get discharged and I can just pump and see the boys! Oh... and go outside for the first time in what seems like forever!

So please know that your prayers have been answered already in so many ways. THANK YOU and don't stop :)


  1. Ashley, how sweet your testimony of our great God. Yes...we have things happen that are hard but He is so faithful! Those little fingers, toes and breathing babies are so proof of that. You need to know each thought becomes a prayer in my heart. For you, for Caleb, for Luke and Max! Praying for your healing and a peace with all that passes your way! Love you all!

  2. Glad you're feeling better and the boys are making such progress. I've seen pictures of other babies that were born that early and your boys look so much healthier. I have a feeling you 4 will be changing some lives up in Duluth- your miracles just have God written all over them. Praying for rest, healing and strength for all for of you.....if there's anything specific we should be praying for, can you put that in your next update?

  3. I actually teared up reading these newest blogs! I am just so amazed by you and Caleb's strength (by God's grace) through all of this. I too feel this is such a testimony to so many, not only at the hospital, but also to all those live you guys touch! I am so blessed to have you in my life and can't wait for you and those little ones to be super healthy!! Love you tons and can't wait to see you!