Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daddy got Kangaroo Time!

Caleb and his mini me :)

Caleb was pretty excited to get some kangaroo time with Luke this morning before he headed for home. He is such a great dad. As he was holding Luke all of Luke's vital signs improved, just like they should during kangaroo care. It was almost as special as holding Max for me, watching my husband hold OUR baby. So amazing! Both of us were able to hold one of the boys first. I still need to hold Luke and hopefully will today.

I am still not in the clear. I need to go 24 hours without a fever. I am still getting them. It starts with uncontrollable shakes then on to unbearable feeling of hot. I am starting to get little fever blisters today all over my lips. Such a weird feeling! I haven't had a fever since 4 a.m. so hopefully it's a sign!!! Also, please be praying for Luke. He is having a little problems with his feedings today. They said it's normal for them to fluctuate with it. Hopefully he bounces back quick!
My new favorite picture!

Max sleeping while Dad holds Luke...

My time here has been long but so quick at the same time. I have made some truly lasting connections on this fifth floor with some of the nurses. They are amazing women. Peggy, on of my favorites, has been so great and offers to take me down to see the boys whenever I want! So sweet!
Time to go back in :(

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  1. Ash,
    I've been out of the internet for a couple of days and lots has happened in your life. I hope you start feeling better soon and know that I'm praying for your healing. How great that your boys are doing well and that you and Caleb were able to hold them. I'm sure that will help them to continue doing well. They are so precious and truly miracles. I love it when God shows us what He is capable of and who He is through miracles. I'll continue praying for those little ones as well.