Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have a lot of great pictures to get up of Caleb holding Max last night but the internet connection in this wing of the hospital is terrible, so I will do that later. We got a boarding room last night which is right down the hall from the NICU... so nice to be right here. It is far from the Hilton, but it works. The weird thing is we have to walk down the hall to use the bathroom or shower. Feels a little weird!

The boys were doing really well last night when we checked on them. Luke was just chillin' in his isolette, on his back with his arms stretched over his head. So cute! He is still taking his feedings and pooping a little. His charts say he is just having "smears" in his diaper. Probably to be expected when you are only getting 1 ml of milk at a time! And... ready for this... after one week my little guy is back to his birth weight!!! 1 lb 9 oz. What a chunker :)

Max is doing better. Praise God! He started feedings again. Just about 0.5 ml every six hours so his body isn't overwhelmed. He also is doing good and was breathing a little by himself yesterday... without ANY aid. Not even C-PAP! Dad got to hold him last night and he did really well. What a natural. Max is almost to his birth weight. He has 3 oz. to go.

Today I am excited to spend some special "birthday" time with my hubby and some family. I miss being normal, but realize all of this is my new normal. I praise God daily for our blessings and can't wait for the future! Never, ever, ever dreamed I would hold these little peanuts on my birthday though! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ashley! Enjoy your time with family. I am so happy your boys are doing better today. Each milestone is truly a miracle. Phil was a preemie, too- and look at him now! Give your Mom a big hug for me! Judy