Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today was a busy, but great day. We were able to spend some time with family and are getting up to more time everyday with the boys. We can be in the NICU with them 24/7 but at this point I am taking little doses until I get stronger after recovery. I was feeling amazingly good today for only being my second day after surgery. I did have to have a c-section after laboring and dilating to the point of pushing because Max (baby on top) moved to a transverse (sideways) position right before pushing. They immediately, without question started to prep me for surgery. I was "out" for the entire thing because an epidural was out of the question at that point. I was having too hard and frequent of contractions for them to do it. Now on to the more fun stuff...

Luke - Born at 6:42, Friday, May 21st. 1 lb 8.5 oz 13" He is so little but mighty. He just amazes me everyday at how well he is doing. He did have to have a blood transfusion late last night because of losing some blood during the c-section. When they cut me open Luke's placenta was on top and was punctured also, causing him to lose some blood. He is doing great so far after the transfusion and even got his oxygen tube removed today so we can almost see his whole face! I could see his nose tonight and I think it looks like mine! :) He still has a little blindfold over his eyes since he is under strong light to prevent jaundice. So Luke is breathing totally on his own. He always looks so good when we see him, but just unbelievably tiny! Pray that his little lungs keep developing and he stays strong!

Max - Born at 6:44, Friday, May 21st. 1 lb 15 oz 14" He is our "chunker," at least compared to his older brother. Max is doing so well also considering the circumstances. He is also breathing on his own but is still being aided by a little oxygen over his nose. He definitely is working harder than Luke to breath. We are hoping soon that he will be off any type of breathing aid, but it almost looks more like he might have to be put back on the respirator for a while if he can't breath with less effort soon. He just breaks my heart when he breaths so hard; his little chest just sinks in so bad. They said that is normal, but it just looks like he hurts when he breaths.
We went down to see the boys around 8:30 and were hoping to have some "kangaroo care" (skin on skin contact) with Luke. We were told it is just a little too early and we could start to hold him most likely on Tuesday. I CANNOT WAIT!!! (At this point I can touch them in their incubators but we can't take them out yet.) The most bittersweet thing happened tonight when we were down there with Max too... he cried! You have to remember that I was completely under for my surgery and then the babies were obviously rushed to the NICU so I had never heard my babies cry yet. Max let out the sweetest little cry and I just GUSHED with tears. I just wanted him to stop immediately. It broke my heart to pieces and I just wanted to take him out of his incubator so badly. I did put my hand around his head and under his feet and he stopped crying, then I had to move because the nurse needed to fix something and he started crying again! It was too sweet. Needless to say it really helped my milk come in. So far pumping is going great and I can't wait until I can feed them myself.

Both Caleb and I just really want to thank everyone for all of the love and prayers and that have been washed over our new little family. I know people are praying me through because I am daily amazed by the grace and energy I have to deal with this whole situation. There are plenty of ups and downs daily, but just knowing that God has us in His hands and He is holding my little boys gives me the strength to meet each day. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It means so much to us!


  1. We're so thankful the little guys are making progress. They are so amazingly perfect. I showed Gary the picture of one little hand on one of your thumbs. So miraculous. God bless all of you, Ashley and Caleb. We're all keeping you in our prayers. Gary & Sue Bartz

  2. Ash, thank you so very much for updating as frequently as you do! I wish I could do more than just pray for you all even though I know it is powerful and effective. I know just these past few months we have gotten to know you better and you kind of feel like a sister to me...I couldn't help but cry when you were explaining how Max stopped crying when you touched him-he already knows his mommys touch, how amazing is that?! We want to come see you sometime...are you guys taking visitors yet? I'm sure everything is so overwhelming right now, so we would want to come at the best time for you guys. I assume that the boys will be up there for quite some time and you will come home soon...if that is indeed the case and you want people to drive up to Duluth to see them and stuff, I'm more than willing!!! I don't know if it's possible since I haven't even met Luke and Max yet, but I'm pretty sure I love them already!!! Love you Ash! -Brooke

  3. Beautiful. They look so strong for 25 weeks. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job and I can't wait to see pictures of you holding them. Nothing will be more precious! We'll be praying for you all.

  4. Ashley and Caleb, This story always touches my heart. It reminded me of when Hillary Seddon's Addie was born. She was also 1 lb 2 oz. It's called the smell of rain and according to this it is actually a true story not just a nice story! Thought is would bring you a smile!

  5. Ashley ... thinking of you all and keeping you in our thoughts. Thanks for the updates. The babies look amazing!!!!

    deb & randy