Monday, May 2, 2011

Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

Tooth report... Max has now cut his forth tooth! And.... I am very excited to announce that my toothless-wonder, Luke, is no longer toothless! He has one of his little bottom teeth poking through! I was very excited to find that discovery!

On to other good news... we have started a nap schedule this last week, and so far it is working GREAT! I was still putting the boys down after nursing them to sleep up until last week, which was a great thought, until they got older and harder to move from the couch downstairs up to their room, and keeping them both asleep! So, now, I still keep a good routine so that they are winding down before nap time, but then I just put them in their pack-in-play and crib, sing to them for a little bit, kiss them and walk out AND let them cry. (So hard for me, I have to add). It is going better though. They have never cried longer than 10 minutes, which makes me think they must be ready for this transition too, and they are to the point already where they don't really even cry when I put them down... it's more like whining.

At night though, Caleb and I each take one and we still rock them to sleep. I'm not ready for the bedtime fight yet. Too hard on me to hear them cry. However, it is amazing how the nap schedule is working! Since I am not taking hours to put them down, just to have the next one wake up when the other goes down, I now have lots more time to get cleaning and bookwork done! And, the most amazing part is that they nap so much longer than they used to! About an hour and a half in the morning, then 2 to 3 hours around 1:00 pm and then sometimes they will take another nap around 5:00 pm and still sleep for 11 hours after going to bed at 8 to 8:30 pm! It is great! [Might seem like way too much info, but it is for me to look back on... baby book reference! :)]

What else is new...? Both boys are pulling themselves up on just about anything (Max a little more than Luke), and both love to stand whenever they get the chance. Max is crawling lots better and Luke is finally scooting forward! Yahoo!!! :)

They love magazines! And I am thrilled whenever they destroy another Cabela's one... since we get 8,790 each week in the mail!

Sshhh! Mommy shared her Dilly Bar the other day... don't tell anyone!

They LOVE their wagon! LoVe it!

Mom loves it too!

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