Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

My first Mother's Day was this last weekend! Now for a tour with pictures... :)

Max and Grandpa rough-housing around the camp fire!

Luke kept laughing... he thought Max beating up Grandpa was pretty entertaining!

Daddy making some s'mores!

Grandpa showing Max the hay-wagon he is going to make someday... SOMEday??

I love these chairs my mom got for the boys... so sweet!!

Now jump back to Saturday night... campfire at OUR house... doing our own little pre-Mother's Day celebration!

They LOVE playing together!

Momma throwing Max up... notice our siding... we are getting there! :)

Me and my boys...

notice the lack of siding... I said we're getting there! ha!

Eating Coop's Pizza on the deck... yes, I know there is NO railing, don't look Grandpa!

Max with his infamous bear crawl. Hands down, legs straight!

Thanks for the cute jammies, Aunt Judy! :)

I had a great Mother's Day. We spent time with family, both Caleb's and mine and we had a nice relaxing day. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Next weekend I get to go with two of my best girlfriends and my sister-in-law to the cities to hit up some garage sales! I am super excited, but a little nervous because I have never been away from the boys overnight. I'm sure they will be just fine, I am more worried about Caleb! ha! I'm even extra excited though, because on Saturday after our poor little feet are exhausted from shopping we ALL get to go to a salon and have a fancy stone massage pedicure... thanks to our wonderful husbands as a Mother's Day gift. I am waiting for that... and will be all week long!

The boys have started to get into everything. It has begun! They are both crawling really well and Max pulls himself up on everything and not so gracefully falls and kind of throws a fit. So, hopefully he can learn to improve his dismounts soon, before he ends up with too many more bumps and bruises! AND... my new favorite thing... the boys play together! And really quite well... and even better than that??!! They laugh at each other! It is the sweetest thing you will EVER see! They will be sitting on the ground or in their Johnny-Jump-Ups and will just look at each other and giggle. I can't get over how cute it is! And, unfortunately I haven't gotten anything on video yet... but I hopefully will soon!

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