Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy, Happy, Birthday, Birthday

Everything in doubles! It's just more fun that way... two cupcakes, two party hats, two little boys to CELEBRATE! I am so happy for the love and joy they both give me and for the milestone we hit... ONE year! Crazy. Everyone says time flies when you have little ones... it is almost unreal! Looking back was just a blur... survival at times! And now... I don't have babies anymore?! They will always be babies in my eyes, because I am NOT ready for another one! :)

On our way to take down our sign that has hung on our front door since the boys came home. It read: DO NOT PASS GO IF, you are sick or think you may be sick. Have come in contact with someone who has been ill in the past week. If you are under the age of 12. Blah, blah, don't forget to wash your hands. SIGNED... 'The Germ Nazi' :)

Luke took it down for us! It doesn't mean that we now can expose our boys to foreign disease, it just means that after a year of (for the most part) good health, we are now ready to move beyond that stage! Hurray!

Getting ready for the party! I did picture boards for each boy. Pictures of the past 12 months.

Birthday Boy (B) Max!

Birthday Boy (A) Luke!

Luke was not doing so well with adjusting to waking up to a room full of people. The poor boy took a nap right before his party, and then wasn't really up for all the commotion!

Ready for their cupcakes!

Blowing out the candles... thanks AGAIN to Aunt Rach for taking all the photos of the party! She did a great job!

Max had no problem DIGGING in!

Luke warmed up to the idea with Daddy's help.

"I'll take another one, Momma!"


It was great... everything! Great memories, from a great first birthday!

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