Monday, May 16, 2011

And so it began...

(Many of you may already know my birth story, but I thought it was time to get it recorded for the boys' baby books... before I forget it all!)

One year ago today it all began. It was May 16th, 2010... a gorgeous summer-like Sunday. It was the day of my baby shower. The day before we had went down to the cities for our friend Brennan's wedding and I was super uncomfortable the whole way down. I rode backwards on the seat, because my back was killing me! I just figured that the boys were moving around and sitting on some nerves. That night I didn't sleep. I couldn't. My back pain persisted and then stomach cramps set in. I really just thought I must have ate something funny (like hot dogs... loved them while I was pregnant). After spending most of the night on the couch so that I wouldn't wake up Caleb I decided we were going to early service... why not? I wasn't sleeping anyway!

We got into church that morning and sat next to Angie and Lonnie. I purposely made Caleb sit between Angie and I because I didn't want Angie to know that I was feeling yucky... since she was throwing my shower later that day! Caleb decided to time my 'pains' during church, because he no longer believed they were just gas... my logical conclusion! At that point they were 5-7 minutes apart, which only confirmed in my head that they were gas! I kept thinking... how in the world could I be 25 weeks and having contractions 5 minutes apart and not know it? Impossible!

After church Caleb took Angie's two boys home with us so that they could hang out together while us girls were at the shower. I decided to just run into the emergency room really quick to get checked out so that I didn't have to be worried at the shower... and I made Caleb stay home, obviously with the boys. I didn't even bring my purse with me! As soon as I walked into the hospital they got me in a room and started monitoring me. The nurse asked... do you feel that? Me... sure, I can feel a little something. Nurse... well, you are having a pretty significant contraction. And before I knew it the doctor came in to check me and I was already 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. This is when I panicked!

I called Caleb and by time he rushed to the ER I was already on the stretcher, waiting to be wheeled into the ambulance. Caleb rode with and after the LONGEST ride EVER to Duluth... we made it. I was immediately hooked up to several different IV medications... my favorite being the magnesium sulfate (sarcasm) which makes your body feel like it is burning from the inside out... no really, that is a legitimate side effect. The other side effect, it stops labor... which it did. But not for as long as we wanted it to...

So remember the shower? It went on. I didn't run in to the hospital until right before and well, after Angie and Candy received the news it was a little late to call the whole thing off. There was an amazing turnout... nearly 40 ladies! My heart so longs to have been able to enjoy the company of everyone and the food and decorations Angie prepared... but instead I got a few pictures... and the BEST gift of all - prayer. I remember Caleb coming in to my hospital room to let me know that Angie had just called to check on me and said that all the ladies were praying for us... and I knew it, I could feel it. Like really, really feel it. In my situation the best thing to stop labor was to relax, and I was able to.

Some pictures of the amazing ladies that attended the shower. Thank you ALL for coming and staying!

STILL bummed I missed out on this spread! :)

In less than 5 days my babies will be one year old. The story will continue then...

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