Friday, May 20, 2011


So tomorrow is the big day... tomorrow marks one year of life for my baby boys. WOW! If I think about it too much I just get all sappy and emotional... so I'm not going to go there yet. Yet! Today, however, we are very excited because Audrey, our NICU buddy, is going to come all the way from Duluth for a visit! It will be so fun to catch up!! Some pictures of lately...

New morning routine... Daddy getting some play time with the boys before he heads out... for a LONG day!

Max loves to look out the window. Well they both do, but he can climb up to see out a little better than Luke at this point.


Watching Aaron mow the lawn. They were fascinated!!

Hands free momma... but a very sore momma after about 10 minutes. OUCH! I made supper like this that night... and then asked Caleb for a shoulder rub!

Tomorrow marks a very HUGE accomplishment in my eyes. A year ago I wouldn't even allow myself to look this far into the future... to be honest is scared me. But wow, God is so good and we have been blessed beyond measure! Thank you Lord for all You've given US! :)

Tomorrow night I will post the 'to be continued' of the birth story!


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