Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So I feel like I have lots of updating I need to do... but forgive me, because I might be repeating myself. Better to be safe than sorry and have it ALL down!

Max now has six teeth! He has his two bottom front teeth and this four top front teeth. Luke has his bottom front two and he is working on his top two. They are days from cutting. As of Friday Max is 17 lbs 10 oz and 27 1/2" and Luke is 15 lbs 14 oz and 27". They are doing well, but Luke did have ear infections... that I had no idea of... good mom, huh?

In other news... both boys are crawling like crazy men! They are so fast! They get into everything... tear it down and shake it up, mess it up... ugh! So if you ever come over, brace yourself... it is usually a little disheveled around here. Just minutes ago I found Max licking baby powder off the floor after he had stood on his tip-toes to knock it down! They also are both able to clap, dance, pull themselves up, scoot along furniture, transition from furniture, say mama, dada, nana (just the sounds), and... what else... can't remember, besides looking ridiculously handsome! :) Maybe some pictures will jog my memory...

Luke in his new hat from Auntie Kathy!

We had so much fun with Sue and Kathy! We always do and always can't wait for the next visit!

Luke and Grandpa playing during my birthday dinner...

Caleb loves birthdays... can't you tell!? (just for the food!)

Fruit pizza! My favorite!

I truly had one of the greatest birthdays to date! I was spoiled by Caleb's family and my family. I also got to have a break and went shopping with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. It was great!

Our new favorite thing?!

The kiddie pool... on the deck... no mess... easy baths!!! :)

Max... the king (for a morning) while dad was away!

Luke after a bath... no shirt, yet!

Headed to Duluth for our eye appointments tomorrow. Hoping all is clear! The last time we went was the middle of August last year, and I vividly remember them giving us the scheduling card with June 8, 2011 on it.... and thought... wow! That will be forever until then, wonder what the boys will be like?! And WOW! It's here already. This last year has seriously been a blur! Pray that the exam goes well. It is not fun... they have to have their eyes dilated then they are held down to exam their eyes. Needless to say... it's takes a while with two and I have a feeling I am going to have two crabby boys on my hands tomorrow... I don't blame them though!!


  1. don't worry about the missing the ear infections! I had no idea what to look for either. With Lacey her ear drum popped before I finally realized it, and with Miles I took him in for his 12 months appt and he had an ear infection. I had no idea! You'll get better at recognizing the symptoms!

    Your life is about to get BUSY for the next couple of years. BRING IT!! Toddlers are so fun!

  2. praying about the eye doctor thing!! i remember last year and what they have to do! ug!! poor little guys!! all in God's hands!! miss you sweety and thinking of ya!! we'll chat soon!!