Thursday, October 21, 2010

The FOURSOME is Complete!

Tyler Matthew Albrecht came into this world about two weeks ago now. He was the missing link to the foursome that will be famous... you just wait! haha!

We still need a picture of all the boys together, but the foursome is comprised of my two boys, and Dawn's little man John and now Amber's precious new baby, Tyler. (Amber and Dawn are sisters and very close friends of mine... we all have babies months apart now!) It is so fun to think of our kids growing up together, and us being able to experience this thing called parenthood TOGETHER! We are all pretty excited about it. To see the missing link that is not in the picture click here.

Max - Luke - Tyler

My new favorite picture of Max... haha! SO funny! He was so stunned by the flash.

We had Max's follow up echo cardiogram done on Tuesday up in Duluth. Everything went really good and the doctor said that his PDA looks so tiny and insignificant that it is no longer a concern. PRAISE GOD! Such good news! Both boys are still getting bigger by the day, but are still in newborn size clothes! I am excited for them to start getting into that 0-3 month size because we have lots of cute outfits they need to start wearing!

I must say... this whole being a mom thing is great! I really do love it. I have my days, moments, but there is nothing I have ever done that is more challenging and rewarding and fulfilling! The boys are starting to smile more and more and it can brighten my mood in an instant to just see their faces light up. So sweet...

Last night, thanks to the Channing girls, we were able to get out on our first 'official' date. Dawn and Mike went with Caleb and I to the movie "Life as We Know it." Very cute movie, but it definitely made Dawn and I cry. I'm not a huge movie crier, but if you are a woman, who has birthed a child, or really ever loved a child, you WILL cry... trust me. Happy and sad tears though. We got to grab a quick bite to eat after too. It was so nice to get out with good friends!
Max - "You're lookin' at my WubbaNub. His name is Kermit. My brother has a monkey named George... ya know, the curious one!"

"Yup, I'm Luke, and I think I am no longer the runt! Ha!"

Max - "Ya, what he said..."

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