Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bath TIME!

Man, these boys are too cute! I know I might sound like I am bragging, but that IS the whole point of this blog anyway, so here it goes...

Photos courtesy of: Rachael Yoder Photography (AKA - Auntie Rach)


Wet Foot...

Luke, ready for a bath?


Max loves the 'hose' on his tummy!

Sure, I can brush my own hair.

Mommy kisses :)


This is the 'cuteness' I was referring too!

Some of my fans call me... 'Baby'


Thanks Rach for the pictures and thanks Grandma Candy for the bath help! Off to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check so I will be posting some big numbers tomorrow, hopefully. FYI... Caleb is in Montana hunting, which should explain my lack of posting. Single moms amaze me. How do they survive?!

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