Friday, October 15, 2010

Ouch is right...

Luke this morning... before he went to the hospital. Trying to get a shot of him smiling, but he was too distracted by the camera.

So unfortunately Luke's circumcision today did not go as good as it could or should have. Due to his bilateral hydro seals, and fat packs (yes Luke has significant 'fat packs' which is great, because it means he's fat) and due to his anatomy being the way it is... the doctor had a very difficult time performing the procedure. The down side to it all is that Luke has suffered for it. :(

They think it will heal ok in time, but just pray that Luke will deal with the discomfort and that everything will heal quickly and as it should. Poor guy! Everything will be 'normal' it just took her two times with the whole thing because his boy part likes to hide!

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