Monday, August 30, 2010

Official 'Newborns'

Our boys made it to 40 weeks and my actual due date. Seems unreal that they have already been in this big world for over 3 months! Just wanted to add some new pictures of them! :)

Sleeping Angels

These guys are going to be best friends, plus baby Albrecht. (We aren't giving them much of an option! haha) Luke is on the left, John in the middle and Max on the right. Kind of crazy that John was born on April 18th and the boys on May 21st. All three are exceptions to the rule when it comes to their size versus their age!!! :)

Daddy was having fun doing some naked time with the boys. (he wasn't naked for a clarification, sounded weird). Then they decided to pee everywhere so he dragged them on the hardwood floor and threw a blanket over them!

Luke showing you all how they still need to develop more cartilage in their ears! haha

Grandma Cookie and Luke

(Not sure if I ever explained, but Caleb's mom is Candace (Candy) and my mom (Sophie) decided that in order to sound just as appealing she needed a name change... enters Grandma Cookie! Man... my boys are lucky. Grandma Candy and Grandma Cookie!)

Grandma Candy and Luke... so cute, Luke was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing he ever saw! :)

Max was having so much fun hearing about his cousins from Auntie Angie. She is a natural with twins. Just waiting for her to move in!

Wow? You look like someone I've seen before. Do I know you??


  1. That is hilarious about the grandma names! I love it!

  2. They are so precious!!! Glad to hear all is going good!


  3. i just came across your blog today... your babies seem so sweet! i am really interested in neonatology and your rollercoaster ride seemed to have many ups and downs... congrats on your babies and from coming home from the NICU!