Saturday, October 30, 2010

All the Hats We Wear

We had a busy week again. Time just really flies with these little men. On Friday we headed back up to Duluth to see the specialist for Luke. He said that his circumcision looks good and we really have nothing to worry about in the future... so that was a relief!

Right now I'm at Joe and Candy's house (Caleb's parents). They watched the boys this morning so we could go to church and then we just had a nice lunch and all the family is watching the game and snugglin' babies... which leaves me with more than 5 minutes to update you all! Whoo hooo!

This morning in church Pastor Mark talked about the 'blessing of possibility' which is near and dear to my heart. Through much of my journey from pregnancy, birth and now motherhood I chant... "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!" It gets me through. Sometimes, since I am in such a hurry wearing all my hats... mother, wife, bookkeeper, daughter, friend... I lose who I am in Christ. I have been wanting to take the time to center my life and everything around me once again in the light of the Lord, because with out that my life has no real purpose or direction. It's amazing how things around me can seem to be spinning when I neglect to focus my heart and mind on God.

So.... back to what Pastor Mark was talking about this Sunday... possibility. I am continually amazed at what He did with my boys. These little guys were not given much of a shot and were not told to have much of a future... but look at them now! I am so blessed, and I mean that in the deepest sense of the word. From the hardship and how it grew my faith, to the joy I have in my heart and the living proof of God's healing power in front of me day after day. Thank you Lord for loving me and seeing me through. Thank you Lord for life!

Happy Sunday!

Check out the boys in all their hats! :)

"Howdy partner!"

In our cute outfits from Sari... on our way to Duluth!

'Watch Me Grow'

My wonderful 'helper' and friend, Brooke!


Max and Auntie Rach... what a cute little hat, huh!?

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  1. It is so good to see them doing so well!!