Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ying -n- Yang

My kids are about as much alike as salt -n- peppa! I think that is one of my favorite parts of having twins. As one is screaming, the other is smiling at me. Their personality differences are really distinct too and it is very interesting to watch them and see how they react. One similarity... they are both sweet and cute... and now a little chubby!

Ying & Yang sleeping...

I know it's not Christmas yet, but it is November :)

We have had a physical therapist at the house a couple times this week. She is from the 'Birth to 3' program and is helping my boys catch up. It is very nice to know that I have such good resources right here in town. I was overwhelmed with information when I was in Duluth and the boys were in the NICU and once I got home I felt a little lost. Many people like to believe that since the boys are bigger now... things are all fine. Unfortunately, until they are two we will be dealing and combating different developmental and physical delays. Hopefully if we catch them soon we can correct them before they will have any problems. Bottom line... there is no denying the fact that the boys were born at a state referred to as 'extreme prematurity.' (25 weeks = WAY too early!)

Working on our exercises from PT... Max is trying to encourage Luke to get that head up!

C'mon Brother!

Almost Luke...

Max is doing really well with the exercises!

Well hello world!

My little man... Max

The boys in their 'Mad Bomber' hats knit from Grandma Cookie :)

Very excited to get out tomorrow for a little girls' night at my sister-in-law's house. Can't wait to see everyone! A little something bellow for all my girlfriends... many of you might think I'm too young for this, nursing explains the contrary.


  1. Ash- I seriously can't believe how cute they are! And strong too. Way to go boys!