Friday, August 13, 2010


We are getting... SO BIG!

I must say thank you, because somebody, somewhere is praying for me... us, the boys. I can just feel it! It is about 12:45 am and I just got done feeding the boys. I have to pump now until about 1:00 am and then get back up at 2:30 (if they stay sleeping) to start over. For some crazy reason I am encouraged by it all... I know there is an end in sight. I nursed Max tonight and I am so happy to say that he no longer needs the nipple shield. This is a small victory. One less thing that we have to clean, sanitize and carry around with us. He nursed so well and I was able to put him right to bed without even supplementing with a bottle after! Then I moved on to Luke and he didn't nurse that well, but he took his whole bottle well and very quickly. At this point Luke is still a little behind Max, but my goal is that if I keep things up and keep working with him I will be able to tandem nurse them, without using nipple shields and without having to offer a bottle after ... well as soon as possible! At this point nursing, then bottling, then pumping is getting a little old, but after less than a week I am seeing progress, so that is very encouraging!
Luke giving Mommy kisses... early in the morning!

My little man, Luke... getting bigger everyday!

I love his little legs!

Just want to say THANK YOU... for all the support and prayers! Love, Luke & Max


  1. Love these pictures! I have been so encouraged seeing the power of prayer through your families experiences...God is so good! Sometimes saying a prayer seems like such a little thing that if you forget one day or just don't think to you feel not much is going to change because you are just one person. It doesn't always feel like enough when you really want to help someone. But continuing to read your blog is such a testament to the importance and power there is in prayer! Thank you for the encouragement and reminders!! Love you guys! Just so excited for you all!

  2. SUCH cute pictures! And such adorable little men you have. I'm so glad they're at home with you now. You have people all over the world thinking of and praying for you guys!