Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A message from Luke and Max...

Hey Everybody! Thanks for the prayers... we finally made it home! Mom and Dad are so funny. They jump every time we whimper. It's pretty fun that we already have them trained. Right now we have mastered peeing on Mom and leaving super messy diapers for Dad. Oh.. and we are both good eaters Mom says. We are excited to meet you all sometime soon! :)

So we are home. Can you believe it?!?! Sometimes I feel like I am playing house! The boys are doing good but are taking a little time to adjust to their surroundings. You can tell that it is all new to them right now. Luke had a pretty rough night last night and, well... to be honest, screamed until 6:30 this morning and then decided to sleep! We are going to try to work on getting those nights and days switched around. As for Caleb and I ... sleep deprived is an understatement! Both Grandmas have been life savers so far. Its just a matter of getting into a routine and I'm sure they will settle in just fine! So, so, so nice to be home... as a FAMILY of four! :)

Oh, and Luke had his eye exam yesterday. Still the same which is good. Just keep praying that his left eye forms correctly. That one is still at Stage 1.

Pictures from our stay in the NICU boarding rooms. Had to stay two nights with the boys before we could get discharged for home!

Brotherly Love

Daddy with his little munchkin Max :)


  1. Praise God from whom all blessing flow. I am so excited for you. Blessings to your family. Prayers continue for all or you as you settle into your new life. Years of joy and love.
    Bonnie Salzman

  2. Ashley I have been following this blog since my sister told me you had the boys early. You are an amazing mom. I loved reading your updates. So glad you are home as a family of four and the adjusting can start. Wish you and Caleb all the best with your precious baby boys! We will still keep you guys in our prayers. Lori Clifford

  3. YAY!! I teared up just reading this! I can't believe this day has finally come where those little guys finally get to go home and you all are able to start your lives in Hayward as a little family! I am just so happy for all of you! Enjoy every minute of it :)!! Love to you guys! YAY!!

  4. Wow!! Congrats!! Enjoy every sleep deprived minute because they grow way too fast :)

  5. At last!!! Now, the real fun begins... :)

  6. Such great news! I've been hoping the lack of posts recently meant that a post about heading home would be coming soon...but this is even better - you are already home with your amazing baby boys. Congratulations to all of you!!!

  7. AHHHHH! So happy for all of you. Keep on keeping on and grab those winks when they let you. Prayers, Nate and Patti

  8. I'm so excited and happy for you guys!!! I'm glad it is going good so far!!


  9. Caleb and Ashley-

    It has been such an honor to be given the privilege to join you guys in this journey! Thank you so much for opening up your lives to us and sharing God's masterful craftsmanship in the Luke and Max!