Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Newest CJ Landscaping Employees!

You think he'll make employee of the month??

Um, I think they are related, what do you think??? ;)

So yesterday Luke, Max and I ventured out for the first time by ourselves. To the doctors office in town, with no help from Grandma or Daddy. It actually went really well too! It felt good to get the first trip out of the way. Now I feel like I have the confidence to go places and get out with them (as much as I can). The doctor visit went great too! The boys' thrush is all cleared up, they are gaining great ... Max is 6 lbs 12 oz and Luke is 5 lbs 8 oz. I would love to update more but I have little ones calling my name. Time to eat... AGAIN! :)
Sleeping Buddies

I set them down super quick while I was unpacking from the doctors office and they fell asleep like this! (on the changing table)


  1. Ash these pictures are great! Before you know it those boys are going to be wanting to go to work with their daddy! Love the new shirts! Glad to hear that the doctors went well too! Both seem to be growing like weeds! I'm still secretly hoping that they don't get too big though. I don't want my little guy to be too far behind. :) Really though, I'm praying they grow and grow and grow! Love the last post with the picture of John and them. So hilarious! I printed it off and Amanda hung it up for people to see at the office. All three are so cute and will be best buds! Thanks for not leaving my little guy out too! Love you girl! As always call if you need anything.


  2. I love the little shirts! Too cute! Those boys are just amazing...I look so forward to all the pictures you post. I can only imagine how busy you are, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the updates...very fun! Can't wait to catch up!