Saturday, September 11, 2010


A few people have asked me how life is now that the boys are home and if it is what I expected. Honestly... not really. The one myth that I so naively believed is that that babies sleep... ha! I was sure that I would have some free time during the day, maybe even time to kill. I guess it might be different if I only had one baby, because the boys do sleep, just not always at the same time. Our daily schedule is rigorous. With a feeding schedule that revolves every three hours there are few minutes between when the chores are all finished. If a feeding goes well, we are done in about an hour, then if I have to pump that is another 20 minutes, then I have to clean/sanitize bottles and that leaves me usually with about an hour to an hour and a half left (if all goes well.) Shower, do laundry, eat... oh wait, they are asleep... so I sleep quick... never mind someone just spit up, oh no... was that just a fart??? I better check... scream, cry... time to start all over!

We really are getting quite efficient with the whole routine and I am not complaining about that. My biggest struggle is that our schedule is not conducive to phone conversations, getting out... oh, and my long lost love... FREE TIME! If I ever have 15 minutes I use it to go to the bathroom, shower, brush my teeth, or just look in the mirror and say... 'You can do this!'

What I am getting at with all this is the changes in my life are affecting it beyond the everyday schedule. With a 24 hour routine and two demanding babies I feel as though it is inevitable that I am losing connections with people. It is so hard to get back to people, remember to call people back, email... now that I think about it... I have to return calls to insurance and the bank on Monday... remind me! ha! I find myself having more time in the wee-hours of the night. Like now! It is 4:39 am and I am pumping and then will be off to get a quick hour of sleep. I have some time now while I pump, but I am sure that none of my neglected friends would appreciate a phone call at this hour! :) I just pray that when things start to slow down a bit... which I am afraid they never will.. that I will not have lost all of my dear friends, sanity and elasticity in my skin (that's another story!)

Speaking of changes, I must say that even though I gripe and even though I seem to mourn my 'past life' I really love being a mom! I find myself falling more and more in love with it everyday! And that is thanks to two very sweet boys. I am getting so much more back from them lately and it is so fun. Little gazes, or tiny milestones. It keeps me going!!

We had a surprise visit from Uncle John and Aunt Debbie. So nice to see them! Luke with Aunt Debbie... can you believe that it's Luke... look at those cheeks!

Uncle John asking Max if he will be as big as him someday... I hope so! It would be cool if he grew up to be 6'5" and born at 14".


This one cracks me up... Max with a roundhouse punch and Luke saying "Ahh!"



Grandma Cookie and Luke

Grandma Cookie and Luke... again :)

I think my children have pictures of every hour of their life so far!


  1. I think losing your "independence" is the most difficult thing that no one tells you! I dream of wandering through a fabric store, or even the mall. When I don't have to load and unload 2 kids from the car, it's practically a dream. But I had 24 years to do my own thing, and in a few short years, I'll have plenty of time to do my own thing again, so I am always trying to enjoy this right now (although not always easy)!!

  2. don't worry about losing your friendships!! we all understand when we don't get a call, text, or long coversation!! first the boys then you!! the way i figure is life is going to be crazy from here on out and in a few months it will be just little little bit less crazy!!

  3. Good Morning Ash! Ditto to what dawn said! We all understand what your life is like right now. And soon I will know how it feels too. Probably not to the extent of you but I'll have a glimpse I'm sure. Maybe my baby will be really high maintenance.:( Yikes! Anyway, we love you and are always here for you no matter when we hear from you or get to see you! Hope your day is blessed!