Friday, September 10, 2010

Gettin' Chubby!

We had another doctor appointment yesterday and so excited to announce... they are gettin' chubby! Luke is now a monstrous 6 lbs 4 oz, he gained 12 oz in 9 days!!! Our doctor was so thrilled and Max is now 7 lbs 6 oz, so he gained 10 oz in 9 days which is awesome too! The visit overall was good. She is very pleased with how they are progressing, and I must say that I am too!

Caleb left for Alaska yesterday. He is headed to Kodiak Island with my dad and brother for a week to do some exciting sport fishing. I have to defend Caleb, however, because so many people have been appalled that he went on a trip... leaving me stranded with two newborns. I was very aware of this trip (well for a couple months now) and am completely supportive of him getting away. (And I have lots of planned help). He needs it. He has had a very rough last couple of months with work and the stress of providing for this new family. AND he promised that I could go on a 'girls' trip as soon as the boys are old enough! haha

My aunt Kathy came the other day to love on boys and she was such an awesome help. So fun to have her here!!

Luke found his his thumb... so cute!

A little naked time before a bath. Max decided to smack his brother right in the mouth.

Luke is getting so chubby and changing everyday.

One of my new favorite things... Max LOVES to talk. He just wants someone to sit down with him and have a drawn out conversation. It is the sweetest thing!

Little school boy in his sweater.


  1. Oh my goodness! They look huge! Especially Luke! So glad to hear things went well at the doctors! Sounds like Luke and my little guy are growing at the same rate. Can't wait for our little guys to meet! Love you girl!


  2. I missed a weekend of checking up on your blog and you posted every day! Now I have to catch up. They are getting big- that's awesome that they're doing so good.
    With everything you guys have gone through since May (and actually, before that with your house and all) Caleb deserves a good vacation. If you would have had a problem with it, I'm sure you would have had him stay home. I bet you wish you & the boys could have gone with, though.
    I laughed at your FB status about your house turning into Bass Pro- I can just picture the boys laying on the floor or in bouncy seats with Caleb's fishing gear all around.
    Don't take any grief from anyone- they should be happy that you & the boys are doing so well he can get away for a couple of days.